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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Liu Wei looked at him. She did not ask how he could confirm that the owner was not the friend of the Seventh Prince when he does not know who the owner is. She said, “since the Seventh Prince is neither a friend nor a relative to the owner behind the scenes, why is it a concern to him if Princess Yuehai causes a disturbance to Yi Ya pavilion? Why is he so enthusiastic in stopping her personally? Too free?” Yuwen Yao turned to her but did not say anything. Liu Wei turned her head and analysed the private rooms, “which one of the rooms is arranged for the Seventh Prince and his companions?” Yuwen Yao pointed to the biggest room amongst all. Liu Wei commented, “I bet, inside are people who cannot see the light.” Yuwen Yao laughed out but did not refute. Liu Wei stared at him. Unsure why but she is certain that this coincidental stranger friend of hers is not a simple character. Yuwen Yao did not say anything. After he laughed enough, he looked downstairs again. Liu Wei followed suit and looked down. Unfortunately, Princess Yuehai met her eyes in that instant. “There! That’s him!” That shout made everyone’s gaze turn towards Liu Wei. With everyone gazing at her, Liu Wei restrained a sigh from her throat. Honestly, since she dared to come out, she was not afraid of being discovered. She came to Yi Ya pavilion to hide. Naturally, Liu Wei cannot simply turn a blind eye when she sees Princess Yuehai wreaking havoc at other people’s establishments. Hence, Liu Wei has decided that if the people outside cannot stop this unruly princess, she would go out personally! Now that she had been discovered, Liu Wei was not alarmed either. Yuwen Yao observed Liu Wei closely. After staring at her undisturbed face for a while and confirming that she really was not afraid at all, he was somehow uninterested. “Seems like the shameful wife is finally meeting her in-laws.” Yuwen Yao’s comment was untimely, but Liu Wei did not say anything. Her gaze fell onto the Seventh Prince who was turning behind. He has a handsome appearance which is out of the ordinary; Brightly and neatly dressed, with an arrogant temperament. He had an aura of high authority and an icy-cold air of nobility surrounding him. This was the first time Liu Wei saw Rong Su after she escaped from the wedding five years ago. After all, he is her ex-fiancé. Meeting under these circumstances, although the other party does not know her identity, Liu Wei still feels a little uneasy. Now that they found the main culprit, the Seventh Prince naturally did not continue to stop the Princess. The big group of troops from the Zhen Ge department rushed in, reaching out to capture Liu Wei. Liu Wei hurriedly said, “I will walk myself!” The leader of the troop, Chen Tao, heard and respectfully nodded. He let Liu Wei walk by herself, but he cautiously stared at Liu Wei — not allowing Liu Wei to have an opportunity to escape. The moment Liu Wei was on the first floor, Princess Yuehai immediately dashed forward, with her sword aiming for her. Liu Wei’s eyes flashed. She moved sideways and dodged her unskilled attack! Princess Yuehai was so ashamed that she raged! With an arm crippled, she continued to aim for Liu Wei unremittingly. Her useless attack had been dodged by Liu Wei again. But this time, she nearly cut one of the troops of the Zhen Ge department who was standing beside. The people of Zhen Ge department were unhappy, but they did not say anything eventually. They orderly back a few steps away. The Seventh Prince and the others also paid no heed and moved aside. Thus, in the middle of this large lobby, it was just Princess Yuehai chasing after Liu Wei with her reddened eyes. Liu Wei casually navigated through her attacks with her acute senses and carefree attitude — dodging one attack after another. In the end, Princess Yuehai was exhausted. She howled, “What are you guys standing around for! Capture him for me!” Before anyone of Zhen Ge department moved, the personal guards of the Princess had already dashed forward. The smile in Liu Wei’s eyes has yet to dissipate. She agilely hid behind the Seventh Prince. Rong Su was dumbfounded. Seeing that long sword which was aiming for himself, his brows knitted together unhappily. “How dare you!” Li Jun who was beside the Seventh Prince roared as he lifted his legs, kicking the guard who was wielding the sword. The guard was kicked far away; he laid on the floor and coughed out blood. Upon seeing that, Liu Wei looked at Li Jun. Such a refined-looking man, yet he practices martial arts. Considering that his kick could make someone cough blood, his Kungfu should be good. The guard, who Li Jun had kicked, turned and glared at Liu Wei coldly. Liu Wei quickly avoided him, but she did not run far. Instead, she used the Seventh Prince as a human shield. “Prince……” Li Jun frowned and called. However, the next second, someone grabbed Liu Wei’s arm! She turned her head and met a pair of eyes as dark as a deep valley — icy cold and filled with rage. It was her ex-fiancé, the Seventh Prince, Rong Su. https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

MelonBunz's Remarks:

its been awhile since I talked to you guys. As I have a full-time job now, I might not be able to upload as frequently as before. Nevertheless, please do continue to support this novel! <3 Stay Safe and thank you for reading it! I’ll reply to your comment on the XiAiNovel web if I chanced upon it! :) P.S. Seems like there will be a drama of this novel coming soon. -MelonBunz

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