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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort “Get lost!” Rong Su shouted strictly. He threw Liu Wei to Li Jun and did not even look at her properly. Li Jun laughed wickedly as he restrained Liu Wei — twisting her arms to the back! Liu Wei jumped away agilely. She stood in front of Li Jun and met his eyes. “Please be gentler, Childe Li. My body is weak.” Liu Wei said. She indifferently massaged her arms where Rong Su grabbed her — needless to say, it hurts. Seems like she had underestimated him. She thought that the Seventh Prince is just a decorating vase. Unexpectedly, he has some Kungfu up his sleeves! “Who are you? First, you attempted assassination to the Princess; now, you have malicious intentions towards the Seventh Prince. I think you do not want to live anymore!” Li Jun shouted. Clearly, it seems that Liu Wei’s teasing has already provoked this refined-looking Childe Li, who is full of malice. Liu Wei sighed but did not bother explaining. She only replied, “If I really wanted to assassinate the Princess, the Princess is probably on her way to reincarnate now!” The moment Liu Wei finished, Princess Yuehai was so angry that she felt her veins popping. The surrounding crowd who was watching started to giggle unbearably. Indeed, they have all just witnessed the ability of this weak and thin-looking gentleman. As compared to the Princess Yuehai, who is only ruthless and fierce in her tactics, if this gentleman wanted to assassinate the Princess, the Princess would probably have lost her life; How can she still haughtily bring the people of Zhen Ge department over to cause trouble? “If you did not attempt to assassinate me, how did I injure my arm!” Princess Yuehai shouted. Liu Wei refuted, “If the Princess did not charge into the street with a horse, how did I mistakenly injure the horse to escape and implicate the Princess to fall off the horse?” You, you talk nonsense!” Princess Yuehai stealthily glanced at the Seventh Prince in a guilty conscience. But still, she stood up straight with her chest high, “Why would I charge into the street with a horse? You clearly have malicious intentions! Alright, you do not want to admit? Guards! Bring him away and throw him into the prison! I will personally interrogate. I want to see if you would admit or not with all eighteen-torture instrument right in front of you!” “Does the Princess plan to obtain confessions under torture?” “An assassin like you, beating you to death would be nothing!” (TN: She is saying that an assassin’s life is worthless.) Liu Wei coldly looked at Princess Yuehai. Suddenly, she turned and looked at Rong Su, “This is such a grievance in broad daylight. The Seventh Prince does not have anything to add?” Liu Wei had just previously used him as a human shield. Now, she has the cheeks to ask him for help? The surrounding crowd laughed! The sarcasm in Li Jun’s eyes was more prominent, “Since you are an assassin, detaining you into jail is most appropriate. The law in the Qin Yun country is strict and impartial. If you are innocent, you will be given justice naturally.” Liu Wei glanced at him an eye, “I am asking the Seventh Prince. Are you the Seventh Prince?” “You……” Li Jun choked, and cautiously looked at Rong Su. Rong Su waved his hands and spoke, “If you have clear conscience, no one can hurt you after you enter the prison,” This means that the Seventh Prince agreed to detain her into the prison. Princess Yuehai smiled, “Thank you Seventh Brother.” As she finished, she arrogantly signalled to the people of Zhen Ge department, “Capture him.” Liu Wei did not move. Instead, she stared at the Seventh Prince meaningfully. The people of Zhen Ge walked towards her. Liu Wei’s heart was calm. Honestly, she was not worried about being captured by the people of Zhen Ge department. Since something big happened in the capital, Rong Leng would naturally be informed of. Furthermore, this is Rong Leng’s territory — her life would not be in danger. She was only a little pissed. After all, this is considered a disaster out of nowhere. And right at this moment, there was a burst of air crossed over. https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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