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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort With that in mind, Liu Wei placated Zhen Zhu and then extended her hands to her son. Liu Xiao Li immediately ran and held onto his mother. The father and son stood together with a bird on his shoulders; This whole scene looks a little out of sorts as it contrasted with a lobby filled with armoured troops. “Let’s go,” Liu Wei casually said. Chen Tao let out a sigh of relief. He told his fellow brothers behind, “Let’s go!” Princess Yuehai shot Liu Wei a glance with a smug smile. She arrogantly walked to the front. But two people hurriedly ran into the lobby before they even took their second step. Ming Xiang and Xi Xiang were almost going crazy. They had actually lost the young master. The two of them overturned the whole street to search but to no avail. Just as they were flustering, they saw that there was a big group of imperial guards blocking the entrance of Yi Ya pavilion. They thought, could it be that the young master went in to see what was happening? Hence, they came in to have a look. As expected, when they came in, they found the young master together with Gentleman Liu! “Gentleman.” the two young ladies immediately felt grievance when they saw Liu Wei, “Where did you go Gentleman Liu? The young master too. Did you know that you have made us search for a long time!” (TN: It is a little weird but in Chinese, the tone of the servants is more courteous and worried.) Liu Xiao Li stuck out his tongue and hid behind his mother’s sleeves — he had a guilty conscience. Xi Xiang noticed something was not right about the surrounding atmosphere. By right, in such a situation where a big group of armoured troop surround the area, it is just to intimidate people. But because she noticed that the troops were donned on Zhen Ge department’s armour, she was a little worried even if she was not alarmed. Xi Xiang grabbed Liu Wei’s hand. She flipped back and forth, extremely worried, “Did something happen to you? Are you injured? Why are even the brothers of the Zhen Ge department called here?” Then, Ming Xiang finally reacted. She looked at the insignia on the shoulders of the leader of the troop, and inquired, “The third squadron of the east battalion? Isn’t that Deputy General Qi’s troop?” When Chen Tao heard the servant girl that came in suddenly seemed to know their Deputy General Qi, he subconsciously looked at Liu Wei. He thought, is this person a friend to Deputy General Qi? So what if you know the Deputy General? Now, they are under the Princess orders and they can only do their duties, “Sir, what exactly happened?” Xi Xiang looked at the heavy atmosphere and asked worriedly. Before Liu Wei spoke, Liu Xiao Li had already blurted out, “They said my dad attempted to assassinate the Princess and wanted to capture him. Sister Xi Xiang, what is Princess? Can I eat it? What does it taste like?” The small boy was still hung on the food “Princess”. He had never even tried once before! Didn’t they promise to try out all the delicacies of the whole capital? Instead, Ming Xiang and Xi Xiang had a shock. The both of them turned and, as expected, they saw the Princess with an arm hung on her neck and injured. They had completely neglected Princess Yuehai. Immediately, they bowed and greeted, “Servant girls Ming Xiang and Xi Xiang from the Third Prince Manor greet the Princess!” “You all belong to the Third Prince Manor?” Princess Yuehai initially grumbled why capturing a man would have so many unexpected guests running over. But now, she was stunned. And at the same time, the surrounding crowd was stunned too. Rong Su narrowed his eyes. He opened his mouth and muttered, “Rong Leng?” Li Jun whispered from the side, “This pair of father and son, could they be……” “Do you know something?” Rong Su turned his head. Li Jun explained, “The Third Prince had left the capital for months. It was said that he had specially invited a coroner back on his returning trip to the capital for the case of the missing children. Wasn't there news about the missing fifth young master of the Prime Minister Manor yesterday? It was reported that within two hours, they already knew how the culprit kidnapped the victim. Right now, they just need to find the body and they might be able to nab the criminal.” Rong Su also knows about the case of missing children; After all, his sixteenth brother was kidnapped too. But wasn’t it under investigation for three years and yet nothing was discovered? Rong Leng just came back to the capital and had already managed to find out how the criminal does his crime? As he pondered, Rong Su looked towards Liu Wei — he eyes stared as if he was searching for something. https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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