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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Liu Wei was getting impatient. Looking at Princess Yuehai’s abrupt expression and the weird-looking expression on tens of Zheng Ge’s troops, she sighed. In the end, she asked, “Are we still going to prison?” Xi Xiang wittily replied immediately, “What is Sir saying? There must be a misunderstanding……” “No, it is not a misunderstanding!” Xi Xiang was interrupted by Princess Yuehai. She coldly said, “He attempted assassination to the Princess with definite evidence! Today, I must take him away. So what if he knows Brother Leng? When Brother Leng knows about it, he would also let me vent this anger. Guards, take him away!” Xi Xiang did not know where the Princess got her confidence that the Prince would wrong Gentleman Liu because of her. But with her here, she definitely would never allow people to bring Gentleman Liu away. “Please reconsider, Princess. The Prince has always respected my master. I am afraid that the Princess’s actions would be unfavoured by the Prince.” Xi Xiang said. “What are you?” Princess Yuehai raged, “Are you saying that Brother Leng would shield an assassin of unfathomable motives and malicious intentions? I don't think you are the servant girl of the Third Prince Manor. You all are just borrowing Brother Leng’s name to get away easily! Guards, detain the two of them too. Similarly, charge them as the accomplice of the rebel!” Ming Xiang and Xi Xiang grew up in the Third Prince Manor since young. As they have keen senses and are quick-witted, they were sent to be trained in the palace when they are six. They came out when they were thirteen. To say it simply, in the residence, they grew up in an environment which can be considered as half a young lady — never had any hardship nor tiredness. Ming Xiang is even the daughter of Housekeeper Ming. Inside the Prince residence, she is considered the leader of the servant girls. On usual days, she would only be serving tea and wait upon when the Emperor comes by. When outsiders see them, they would call them Lady Ming Xiang and Lady Xi Xiang; even the Prince would treat them kindly when talking to them. And now, someone wants to take them to the prison with labelled as the accomplices of an assassin? The two of them were dumbfounded. In the end, it was Xi Xiang who turned cold and said, “Since the Princess insists, I have nothing to say.” Ming Xiang, instead, looked at the insignia on Chen Tao’s shoulder after glaring at him, “Tell your Deputy General Qi that he does not need to look for me in the future!” Liu Wei knew that Xi Xiang has a pursuer with a family name Qi. Seems like coincidentally, that is the Deputy General Qi of the third squadron from the east battalion. Liu Wei massaged her temples. Looks like she has accidentally ruined a pair of lovebirds. The troops of the Zhen Ge department looked at each other in dismay. They all knew that their Deputy General had all along wanted to marry a servant girl from the General’s side. Unsure if the marriage was disagreed by their General or that servant girl, their deputy general did not manage to pursue the girl even after a year — in short.Unless that lady in front of them? Chen Tao’s face immediately scrunched up. The deputy general had already fell and buried himself in infatuation to marry his wife. If the person in front of them is really her, how would they survive after offending their future big sister-in-law in the future? Within a short while, they had tons of train of thoughts. Eventually, the root of the whole issue is that so-called assassin who is acquainted with their General. If they were to capture him, not only that their Lord General would never let them off, but they would offend Deputy General Qi because of this too. Honestly, this drama is making Liu Wei tired. She initially thought going a trip to the prison would be nothing. Anyway, she would never let herself be at a disadvantage. But now that Ming Xiang and Xi Xiang has been dragged along, things have been in a complete deadlock. Princess Yuehai obviously wants to take them away. Plus, she cannot bring down her face now. She was in a hurry to vent her anger and would definitely not let go of this matter simply after causing such a big hoo-ha. However, the Zhen Ge troops had begun to retreat after the appearance of Ming Xiang and Xi Xiang. After all, even though it was the orders of the Princess to capture the ‘assassin’, they are not the personal guards of the Princess. Instead, they are troops of Zhen Ge department and the superior above their head, is still Rong Leng. https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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