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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort The crowd found the whole situation becoming more and more interesting — especially Yuwen Yao. If it was not because it is inappropriate, he really wants to buy a bag of seeds to watch the drama while eating. Rong Su and Li Jun looked at each other. They are the ones who do not want this drama to continue the most. In the private room on the second floor, there are three big life-depending ministers stuck there. Today, Rong Su had secretly arranged a meeting with three one-pin high officials; this matter cannot be known to the public. If people of ulterior motives know that the Prince is collaborating cliques, it could be used against them by the Crown Prince! Li Jun whispered, “It is unwise for us to be involved in this matter. Why not, we send off the three lords from the back entrance?” “No.” Rong Su frowned. Rong Su glanced around the area which was surrounded by Zhen Ge troops. He replied lowly, “That is inappropriate.” Li Jun knew why the Seventh Prince thinks it was inappropriate. All those trained under the wings of Rong Leng have dog noses and ears! They have an extremely keen and acute sense! Now that the inside and outside of Yi Ya pavilion is filled with Zhen Ge people, if someone were to see any of the three officials, who could ensure that they would not blabber nonsense? It is indeed too risky! With that in mind, Li Jun said again, “If not, let’s talk to the Princess. If this matter is to continue like this, there is a possibility that Rong Leng would come over.” “Him?” Rong Su narrowed his eyes at Liu Wei, “Is this person that important?” Rong Su knew extremely well how shitty Rong Leng’s temperament is since he is his third brother. Although they are not close, they grew up together. Rong Leng’s character, since when would he go an extra mile for a normal and poor scholar. Li Jun let out a sigh, “The case of missing children has yet to be cracked. Right now, Rong Leng needs him.” Rong Su muttered to himself. Half a second later, he nodded, “Go settle.” Li Jun nodded, raised his legs and walked towards Princess Yuehai. However, Princess Yuehai was in extreme anger. She saw that Zhen Ge troops does not move under her commands — except for her guards, “You all, go and capture them for me!” The guards responded. But because their numbers were lesser — only about five to six people — they do not have any intimidation even when they are surrounding them. Instead, they look slightly pitiful. Li Jun walked next to the Princess and said, “Calm down, Princess.” Princess Yuehai did not like this person. She frowned, “What does Seventh brother want to say again?” “Princess is thinking too much. The Seventh Prince is of course sorry for the Princess. I know your arm is injured. I heard that those who have broken arms need proper rest. If the person is not properly rested, when it connects back, the left and the right arm will be unbalanced — one short and one long.” “What?” Princess Yuehai shrieked and immediately supported her arm, “You, don’t jinx me! What one short and one long? Stop spouting nonsense!” Li Jun rubbed his nose, “I am also thinking for the Princess. Why not this way: Princess, you return to the palace first and find a royal physician to have a look. As for these assassins…… With the Zhen Ge people are around, how can they still escape?” Although Princess Yuehai is rude and impetuous, she is not stupid. The moment she leaves, these tottering Zhen Ge troops would release the assassins the next second. Then this air of indignance in her would not only be unreleased, but she would need to force it back down. The expression on the Princess was extremely black. She glared at Li Jun as if there was a bloody hole through him. Instead, Li Jun smiled calmly, unaffected. He continued, “Princess, your arm is not a small matter.” Princess Yuehai rolled her eyes. In the end, she was afraid that her arm would really have a permanent complication. She hesitated for a while. Just as she was going to say something, she heard something outside, then it was another burst of footsteps. https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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