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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Following on, was a man, among the troops, in a horrified tone, “Lord, Lord General……” Princess Yuehai’s eyes shone brightly. Li Jun frowned. Yuwen Yao, who was not far away, immediately narrowed his eyes. Under everyone's gaze, there was a dark-robed handsome man at the main entrance of Yi Ya pavilion who slowly entered. He had a sword at his waist, his eyes were cold and sharp as if he was shooting needles. There were three to four people following behind him. Looking from afar, everyone was quiet out of fear and was cautious. Liu Wei does not know these people, but the rest who were present know them. They are Zhen Ge deputy general of the east battalion, first squadron; deputy general of the east battalion, third squadron; deputy general of the west battalion, second squadron; and the vanguard’s deputy general, the grand council of the main battalion. Anyone of them is a prominent figure in the capital. But now, they are following behind the black-faced Third Prince, who obviously is unhappy. They were cautious and trembling with fear. In the lobby, the rest of the Zhen Ge troops who saw this scene hurriedly clasped their fists and greeted in an orderly manner, “Greetings to Lord General and all Deputy General.” They spoke in order within a breath, as if the whole room shook for three inches. Ming Xiang and XI Xiang finally found their backing. They happily shouted, “Master!” Deputy General Qi could not restrain but walked out from Rong Leng’s back. He looked at Ming Xiang and smiled, trying to win her favour, “Lady Ming……” Ming Xiang took a glance and turned away! Hmph! The happiness on Princess Yuehai’s face previously disappeared immediately. Her face was slightly pale — bewildered by the situation in front of her. Rong Su stood behind the crowd. He looked at his Third Brother’s big party as he smirked mockingly. General of Zhen Ge department — a high official with real capabilities, and huge military powers. How impressive! How really impressive! Who could have thought that Rong Leng, a small bastard born from a consort from an insignificant family, would be so well-off one day? Rong Leng stood there and did not respond to the tens of troops. Only looking at that white-robed, elegant and slim “man”. He said with his face dark, “Didn’t you say you are not going outdoors today?” The area was quiet; Rong Leng’s voice did not abruptly break the silence but his tone was chilled — making the whole area instantly silent. Liu Wei took a glance at him. Feeling a little funny, she said, “It was not me who wanted to come out.” She said and pushed Liu Xiao Li out, with a face that says ‘I have nothing to do with it’. Liu Xiao Li, who had been betrayed by his own mother, stared at him pitifully with his big round puppy eyes. Rong Leng lowered his gaze and looked at the child. Liu Xiao Li swallowed his saliva. His tiny mouth pouted and extended his two short arms. His small hand raised in a position, requesting to be carried. Together with that expression as if he was wronged, Rong Leng became completely soft-hearted. He lowered himself and carried the boy up. The few deputy generals behind and the Zhen Ge troops immediately widened their eyes! They have been following the General for many years. Never have they seen him in such a good temper even though it was not wrong to be gentler since he is a child. That one time when the General was being ‘gentle’ was when he shot a glance at a child on a street and made the kid so scared that he almost cried till he ran out of breath. The Lord General actually carried the boy up so gently that the warmness in his eyes are real and not faked. This…… Did the sun rise from the west today? Rong Leng carried Liu Xiao Li. Despite the little boy’s rubbing his neck to gain his favour, he strictly asked, “Is it you who wanted to go out?” Liu Xiao Li pondered. Even though he was the one who wanted to go outdoors, his mother is the one who went missing first; which was how they encountered these troublesome matters. This absolutely cannot be his fault. But when he stole a glance at his mother and met his mother’s threatening eyes, he immediately swallowed back all the complaints that he had. In a very soft voice, he said, “I wanted to eat sugar hawthorn……” https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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