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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort “Return to the residence!” Liu Wei immediately said. The anger which was bottled up in her stomach has long been extinguished with a line of promised “compensation”. Compensation means money. Would anyone not want the money that is sent straight to your doorstep? Seeing that they were leaving, Princess Yuehai hurriedly shouted, “Brother Leng……” Rong Leng heard, turned sideways to face Princess Yuehai and said, “Sir Liu is my important guest. He is mischievous by nature. Don’t hold it against him.” “Brother Leng, my arm already became like this and you are not going to ask about my wellbeing or if it hurts? Instead, you care for an assassin like him, you……” “Mind your words.” Rong Leng’s eyes immediately chilled. “He wanted to murder me!” Princess Yuehai was unwilling to let it go. Rong Leng quietly stared at her. After a long time, he said, “Transferring Zhen Ge troops for personal gains; just think about how you are going to explain to the Empress when you return!” The expression on Princess Yuehai changed a few times. Rong Leng no longer looked at her. He turned and pulled Liu Wei to leave. Princess Yuehai wanted to call him but was stopped by Li Jun. “What are you doing?” the Princess glared at him in rage. Li Jun smiled. He said, “if the Princess wishes to completely fall out with the Third Prince, I will not stop you. Just that, do you really want that?” Princess Yuehai clenched her teeth. Her eyes were full of hatred! Li Jun did not say much either. He raised his voice and called, “Since the drama has ended, attendant, send another two pots of hot tea to the premium room on the second floor. Seventh Prince, let us go upstairs and continue our chess. I still have yet to win that round of chess against you.” Rong Su took another meaningful look at the main entrance. Then, he retracted his gaze and proceeded upstairs with Li Jun. This kind of random commotion — starts fast, and ends fast too. The soldiers of Zhen Ge also left the main lobby together with General Rong. Instantly, there were only a few guards left by the Princess Yuehai side, looking quite miserable. Yuwen Yao came out from the corner. After staring at the main entrance for a while, there was a slight hint of laughter in his eyes before he turned and looked at Princess Yuehai. The Princess’ cheeks were red in anger. A burst of anger and resentment gathered in her head. She swung the hem of her dress and left in a rage. Before she left, she viciously ordered the guard beside her, “Investigate clearly who is that man.” Her voice was not soft — Yuwen Yao heard and smirked. He also wants to know who that person is exactly. Even Rong Leng is willing to escort him personally — since when did such a formidable person appear in the capital? Interesting, very interesting! Liu Wei left together with Rong Leng. When they were outside, the people on the streets rushed forward. Even though most civilians are afraid of officials and soldiers, they could not contain their curiosity for the drama. All the troops that were previously surrounding Yi Ya pavilion withdrew. Rong Leng carried Xiao Li and put him in the horse carriage. Then, he turned sideways to Liu Wei and said, “Explain properly after we return.” Liu Wei took a glance at him as her mouth twitched. She followed and climbed up the horse carriage. Ming Xiang and Xi Xiang entered the carriage last. Deputy General Qi stood in between a few other deputy generals as he foolishly stared at Ming Xiang’s back. Chen Tao saw and cautiously swallowed his saliva. Not daring to tell his Deputy General that the lady whom you chased for a year plus just said not to look for her anymore in the future. After the carriage and the steed left, the Deputy General Yue from the first squadron asked, “What happened exactly?” Chen Tao explained the whole matter to them and cautiously asked, “Deputy General, what exactly is that assassin……” Deputy General Qi glared at his subordinate and immediately stopped him from continuing his words. He coldly said, “Do not spout nonsense. That is Sir Liu, an important guest of the Lord General.” Chen Tao did not know who Sir Liu was, and could only lower his head. But amongst the deputy generals, some were already long curious about this Sir Liu. “Speaking of which, Deputy General Wei seemed to owe a big favour to this Sir Liu.” The vanguard Deputy General Wei of the grand council in the main battalion smiled bitterly, “That’s right. Throughout the journey in Lin An province, tens of my vanguard soldiers were saved thanks to Sir Liu.” Chen Tao heard and immediately became speechless. He has never heard about Sir Liu. But if it is the matter about the vanguard soldiers in Lin An province, it has long spread across the whole Zhen Ge department. It was said that when the vanguard soldiers were investigating a case in Lin An province, they encountered a powerful enemy. Tens of soldiers died of unnatural death. During that time, their Lord General brought with him an unnamed miracle physician just in time. Within several days, they saved a few of the soldiers from their deathbeds. Then, for the remaining half of the month, they inspected the vanguard troops stationed at this very place. Till now, one month has passed and no deaths were reported from Lin An province. Even though it was spread across the streets, those are after all rumours — knowing with half understanding. But as it turns out, that miracle physician is the gentleman just now? https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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