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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Chen Tao suddenly felt he was blind to not recognize such an important person. In his heart, he pondered, no wonder the sweetheart of Deputy General Qi wants to be a servant of this person. Even the Lord General treats the man with respect. Such a talented gentleman, even the Emperor would praise his capabilities! He remembered that man’s superb Kungfu and his son who aimed and pinned a piece of sugar-hawthorn into the red pillar. Talent! That is really a truly talented person! The main streets of the capital were noisy for a long time because Zhen Ge troops were dispatched. Now that there were a few deputy generals around, the third squadron, Chen Tao who was under imperial orders, quickly returned with the other troops. Only then, tens of Zhen Ge troops then left. Outside Yi Ya pavilion, the rest of the deputy generals looked at each other in dismay, “Then, are we still going to the prince residence?” Initially, they came over today to report some matters to the Lord General. Just that before they even spoke a few sentences, a servant came with a piece of news and interrupted. Following on, it became the situation now. Deputy General Wei shook his head and said, “Forget it. Let’s separate for today. Seeing Lord General’s face, he most likely would not want to be annoyed today.” The remaining few people looked at Deputy General Qi. Deputy General Li of the second squadron in the West battalion smiled, “Today, people of the third squadron offended Sir Liu. I’m afraid that we can leave, but Deputy General Qi still needs to properly apologise to Sir Liu. If not……” Deputy General Qi turned black. He hmphed, turned around and left. “Oh! Angry now?” Deputy General Li laughed and followed behind. The rest of the people also followed them. …… Liu Yu had already drunk seven cups of tea in the Third Prince residence. Observing that the servant girl was going to refill his cup again, he slapped the table — in complete rage! The young servant girl was scared and jumped. She softly said, “Lord, our Prince has already personally gone to fetch for Sir Liu. They will return in a while.” “Where exactly did Sir Liu go? Didn’t he say he would be in the residence for the whole day?” Before coming over, Liu Yu had sent an invitation to visit. After receiving the answer that Sir Liu will be in the residence the whole day looking at the records, he then came over to visit. Who knew that when he reached, not only did Sir Liu was not around, even Rong Leng disappeared too! Liu Yu had a stomach of anger and wanted to leave long ago. But after remembering his father’s instructions and his fifth brother’s safety, he continued to stay on. Tea — he drank and was refilled again. In between, Liu Yu could not help but to go to the washroom. After he returned, he drank another cup of tea before hearing footsteps from the outside. Liu Yu turned his head and looked. Instantly, he saw Rong Leng carrying the witty and lovely Liu Xiao Li, and walked over. Followed behind, there was a lean and elegant man wearing a bamboo hat. When they arrived in the front hall, Liu Yu stood and clasped his hands, “Lord General.” Rong Leng put Xiao Li on the ground and said, “It must have been a long wait.” “Not long, not long,” Liu Yu hurriedly said, “it was me who came at a wrong time. Lord General and Sir Liu are busy?” Liu Wei smiled with her eyes closed, “Not busy.” Rong Leng looked at her. Yesterday, she was still scoffing at the people of Liu residence. Today, she speaks in such a nicer tone. Just for the “compensation”, she threw away her principles. Rong Leng sat at the main seat and called the servant girls to serve a variety of pastries. Seeing that Liu Xiao Li was eating, he then opened his mouth, “Assistant Minister, did you come to visit because you discovered some leads about the disappearance of your brother?” Liu Yu listened and lowered his eyes. He nodded and said, “Yes. We discovered a few small things. Not sure if these would help to crack the case.” As Liu Yu said, he took two black beads from his sleeve pockets. “These were found during housekeeping today. The servants found these under the bed. The servants of the fifth brother said that these are not fifth brother’s toys and maybe, they are left behind by the criminal. Hence, I brought these over for the Lord and Sir to have a look.” Liu Wei looked at the two black beads and smiled, “I think it would be better if the lord puts down these.” Liu Yu could not comprehend and asked, “Why?” Liu Wei called, “Xiao Li.” Liu Xiao Li heard. He picked up a pastry and walked over while eating it. After analysing carefully, his face was full of disgust; took a few steps back and said, “Those are bird shit!” Liu Yu’s face turned black completely! He threw those pieces of bird shit away — extremely awkward and looking miserable. Liu Wei considerately asked, “Does the Assistant Minister want to go to the washroom?” “Alright.” Liu Yu stood up and left. https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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