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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Liu Wei hmphed and said, “Doesn’t it disgust you for an adult man to call you Brother Leng?” “Not disgusting.” “Then ask Uncle Ming to call you!” Liu Wei said and stood up. She waved her hands towards her son, “Xiao Li, let’s return to our room.” Liu Xiao Li carried the pastry plate and dashed over. When they reached the door, the man behind suddenly asked, “How are you planning to spend the three thousand taels on hand?” Liu Wei waited at the door. Hearing his question, she turned and took a glance. The corners of her lips raised, “It is my money. Does it even need General Rong’s permission to spend it?” “I am just curious.” “Save it first. After I return to Qu Jiang province, I will buy a manor and purchase a few lands! Become a landlord!” “Not buying a manor in the capital?” Liu Wei looked at Rong Leng and said, “Don’t I have a manor in the capital? Isn’t half of your Third Prince manor mine?” As she finished, she no longer bothered about him; She held her son and went down the steps. Rong Leng sat in the hall while playing the lid of the teacup. His lips curved leisurely. …… Liu Wei stayed in the Third Prince residence for a few more days. Not only did she finish looking through the records of the capital’s magistrate, but also the records from the Ministry of War and Justice. After she completely looked through and understood the case, she became even more impatient. And without her waiting for long, someone from the Prime Minister residence sent a letter five days later. During dinner, Liu Wei looked at the letter which was placed on the table and asked, “What does it say?” Rong Leng pushed the letter towards her. Liu Wei opened and took a few glances. She laughed, “Seems like the Prime Minister’s face is more worthy than you, Lord General. Duke of Yue agreed so quickly when they requested it.” “Liu Kun previously saved the deceased old Duke’s life before. They used that favour for this.” “Unexpectedly, they even willingly used the benefactor’s card.” Liu Wei commented, her voice was filled with contempt. Rong Leng looked at her and said, “The Prime Minister treats his children not too bad.” “Only because he is his son of his first wife.” Liu Wei replied sarcastically, “You should see what happens if Liu Feng is the son of a concubine!” “You seem extremely experienced?” “Not fortunate enough to experience. You can praise me for being foresighted.” Rong Leng smiled but did not comment. Liu Wei put down the letter and continued to eat. Following on, Rong Leng delivered a visitation letter to the Duke of Yue’s residence. The other party dilly dallied until it was the third quarter of wei shi(1-3 pm), then unwillingly sent someone to reply to the invitation. When Rong Leng and his party reached, it was already the second quarter of shen shi (3-5 pm). It was already quite late. There was only a young boy servant who came to welcome them when they entered the Duke’s manor main entrance. He sent them all the way to the front hall and left. In the front hall, there were only Rong Leng and Liu Wei who was sitting opposite and looking at each other. Liu Xiao Li, on the contrary, walked back and fro — greedy for the new environment. They sat for a quarter of an hour. “Can we really meet with the Duke today?” Liu Wei asked. Rong Leng’s sight was focused on Xiao Li. After making sure that he would not fall from jumping up and down, he absent-mindedly replied, “The duke is not happy. Since he is a senior, let him vent his anger.” “Lord General has such good self-restraint.” After waiting for two more quarters of an hour, sluggish footsteps from the outside were heard. The two of them looked over and immediately saw a middle-aged senior with an exhausted expression, slowly strolled into the room. Behind him, there were a few servants — his entrance was grand but that expression is obviously someone who has yet to completely wake up from his sleep. So, they have been waiting outside for a long half a day and the other person is in his room happily sleeping? Liu Xiao Li saw that someone came. He walked to his mother’s side and obediently sat down. https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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