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https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort Yan Zhen Li smiled and took a glance at Rong Leng, “Haven’t seen you for a few months, but your hypocritical attitude is still unchanged.” Liu Wei frowned slightly — she does dislike the way this Duke of Yue speaks. But Rong Leng did not refute, as if he is extremely well trained in self-restraining. Yan Zhen Li took a glance at Liu Wei, his eyes had a tinge of chill, “This person must be Sir Liu who wanted to dig the grave of my Qiu Er?” That sentence was unbearable to hear. But with his status and social class there, Liu Wei eventually stood and bowed, “Greetings to the duke!” “Don’t bother. Let me just ask you. Can digging the corpse of my Qiu Er really find Liu Cheng’s son?” Liu Wei replied, neither servile nor overbearing, “If it was because there was no choice, I would never wish to disturb the peace of the youngest master. But now that the case of the missing children came to a standstill, the corpse of the youngest master is the very last piece of the trail.” “My Qiu Er has already been buried for so long. What can you all find even if you dig it up? Just some broken bones and that’s all.” “How would we know if we don’t look?” Liu Wei raised her head and met with the unhappy predatory eyes of the Duke of Yue, “Doesn’t the duke want to know what happened to the youngest master and who is it that made him suffer such a state?” How can he not want to know? But he does not want to exchange it with Qiu Er’s remains. No ordinary person would accept to open the coffin for re-examination; even in the modern era, close relatives seldom agree to such a method. Needless to say, it is even more unacceptable in the ancient era of a few thousand years ago. The atmosphere quietened down. After a long while, the Duke of Yue said tiredly, “Three days later — the old lady will be out three days later to pray at the Qing Xiang temple. She will not be in the residence.” Liu Wei was shocked, “The grave of the youngest master is in the residence?” Duke Yue took a glance at her and did not answer. He ordered the servants, “Send off the guests.” After they left, Rong Leng then explained, “Ancestors and descendants of nobles all have private mausoleums.” Liu Wei has heard about private mausoleums. But she never thought that there are people who are willing to clear a piece of land in their residence to bury the deceased. After all, it is not good according to the beliefs of Fengshui. Three days later, Rong Leng and Liu Wei came again. This round, together with them, there was the capital magistrate, Lord Lin; Ministry of Justice, Lord You; Ministry of War, Lord Tan; and their guards from the three departments. Including two deputy generals from the Zhen Ge department who also came with them. Such a big commotion, luckily the old lady left long ago in the morning. If not, she would definitely fly into a terrible rage! The lady, Yan Qin clan, had also followed the old lady to the Qing Xiang temple. The duke did not appear. Only the housekeeper came. The group of people were led by the housekeeper. When they reached the mausoleum, they saw that in front of the newest grave at the mausoleum, Duke Yue was squatting there. He had a handkerchief on his hands and was slowly wiping the tombstone of the youngest master which was clean originally. The rest of the people could not help but sigh at that sight. After all, the dead should be respected. A matter like digging up the grave, to say it plainly, it is an act of bad karma. The housekeeper walked next to Duke Yue and whispered two lines to him. The duke nodded his head and got up after a while. But the moment he turned and saw that it was such a big group up till far away, there was immediately black aura amongst his sadness. Seems like he never expected to have so many people to come.. “People who are uninvolved get out!” Duke Yue angrily roared. Lord Lin, Lord You and Lord Tan looked at each other. Eventually, Lord Tan stepped forth and ordered the guards behind, “All of you leave.” After clearing a group of people, the only ones left were the three lords, Rong Leng, Liu Wei, and Liu Xiao Li. Due Yue stared at Liu Xiao Li. Liu Wei explained, “he is my medical disciple, he must be present.” Duke Yue was stunned. He never thought that this child is a medical disciple. Lord You and Lord Tan were also stunned. They all thought that this is General Rong’s child, and calling Sir Liu “dad” is just to fool the others! During this whole period, rumours are spreading in the capital, saying that General Rong came back to the capital bringing his illegitimate four-five years old son. The capital magistrate, Lord Lin remained unperturbed — he knows the truth. This child is General Rong’s illegitimate child and is also that of Sir Liu’s medical disciple. He saw this child give a massage to the corpse in the Prime Minister manor with his very own eyes! Moreover, he said that corpses can feel it too! It scared him so much that when he returned that night, he had a nightmare! https://www.xiainovel.com/novel/the-crazy-forensic-doctor-consort

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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