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Duke Yue called the servants over to carefully dig the grave. Each time the shovel hits the hard ground, Duke Yue’s face becomes more sullen. Lord Lin, Lord You and Lord Tan’s expression became weirder. Because even though they are far from the grave, they could smell the foul stench from the hole of the grave. Young Childe of Yue manor has died for almost a month. But normally, a month old corpse would not be so pungent. The capital magistrate and ministry of war, even though they might not be extremely knowledgeable, they still know a little because they handled dead bodies before. Such a pungent stench, could it be the child’s vengeance is still lingering? The three of them were thinking nonsense. However, the moment Liu Wei smelled the stench, she immediately knew something was not right. Liu Xiao Li’s nose was sharper, and immediately said, “rotting powder!“ (TN: As usual, there is no such item in real life. 😊) The boy’s voice was too abrupt. The moment he finished, everyone looked at him. Instead, Liu Xiao Li released his mother’s hands and slowly walked over – as if he was being attracted to the mausoleum. Duke manor’s housekeeper quickly pulled him back, “Young Childe, it is dangerous there.” Liu Wei said, “Don’t worry, let him go there.” The housekeeper hesitated. He looked at Duke Yue. After getting Duke Yue’s approval, he then let the child go. Liu Xiao Li walked closer. And because the hole of the mausoleum got bigger, the stench of the corpse had already spread around the whole graveyard. Liu Xiao Li stood at the centre. While the people outside subconsciously pinched their nose to hold their breath, he took a sniff, and concluded with his head on the side, “It is not the real rotting powder. The smell is alike but there is a change in the prescription.” ”What changes?” Liu Wei asked. Liu Xiao Li frowned and replied, “added bai zhu, sheng lao, and shu yang grass.” “That’s all?” Liu Xiao Li looked at his mother and pouted. Liu Wei raised her brows, “You only smelled out three? Inside, six types of herbs are changed. Swapped one out and added five. What you said just now are the three additions. How about the other two additions and one which was swapped?” Liu Xiao Li stood there and smelled again. Half a minute later, he slowly walked away and hid behind Rong Leng. He peeped from behind with his big round eyes, staring at his mother. He could not smell them out. Creating and developing medicine are two different things. Furthermore, rotting powder is an insidious medicine – not the kinds which he usually researches and therefore, he really does not know. He knows that he is very useless, so he hides behind Uncle Rong. Uncle Rong can protect him. “Get back here.” Liu Wei’s voice was strict. Liu Xiao Li shrunk his head and completely hid behind Rong Leng – even his hems are not showing. Rong Leng could not watch further and said, “He is still young.” Liu Wei glared at Rong Leng. She feels that this person is pampering the child too much. Now, Xiao Li’s weird behaviour is getting more – he wants to be carried when going out, he must buy whatever he wants to buy. Instead, his medicinal skills did not improve at all. The rotting powder is the basic in the school of poison. If he cannot even smell what was changed, how can he be trusted in the future? The surrounding became dead silent. Lord You pinched his nose. Just as he wanted to speak, Lord Lin pulled him and softly said, “Medical disciple, medical disciple.” “Do medical disciples do these?” Lord You widened his eyes. Lord Lin sighed, “Yes, not only these.” “Not only these?” Lord Tan’s eyes immediately became weird. Lord Lin did not say anything else, since they would know in a while.

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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