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In the end, because Liu Xiao Li found a powerful backing, Rong Leng, Liu Wei did not discipline her son. Duke Yue’s expression became sullen. He looked at that frail and gentleman Sir Liu, then looked at the medical disciple that is becoming more and more similar to the young Rong Leng. Afterwards, he thought about their conversation, unbearably asked, “did someone poison my Qiu Er before passing?” Liu Wei turned and looked at Duke Yue, calmly explained, “It is after passing, not before. Rotting powder in the book Law of Thousand Medicines is considered a poison. Just that this poison is to use on the dead body. After the body is soaked in the medicine for three days, it could accelerate the decomposing speed over three times. Normally, small rats that died would take seven days to drop its fur, ten days to decompose. But after soaking in the rotting powder, it only takes five for the rotting skin and flesh become a pile of white bones.” Duke Yue stared blankly, “So you mean, someone used such an insidious poison on tarnished my Qiu Er’s body to make him decompose faster?” Liu Wei did not speak and admitted. “Why do they want to do that?” “This would need to wait for young childe’s body to be dug up. I need to personally look at it to know.” “Accelerating the decomposition. Maybe my child is already……” Liu Wei knows what he wanted to say. She replied, “Do not worry duke. Even if only dried bones were left, I would still be able to find out something.” The occupation of coroner includes examining bones. Duke Yue no longer speak. His expression became sullener than ever. And just then, there was a commotion outside, “Old lady, old lady. Please wait……” The old lady of Duke manor? Everyone looked out of the mausoleum. As expected, a few purples and red figures are rushing over from afar. “Go check it out.” Duke Tue ordered the housekeeper. The housekeeper immediately rushed over but could not stop them no matter what. Everyone could only see the Duke manor’s old lady rushing over while supported by a few servant ladies and Lady of Yan Qin clan. Duke Yue sighed and mumbled no good. But could only greet, “Mother, didn’t you go Qing……” “Pa!” Before Duke Yue even finish saying, the old lady gave him a tight slap on his face. Duke Yue’s expression changed. He swallowed down whatever he wanted to say. “This is bad. We have alarmed the old lady.” Lord You, the minister of justice, knew very well the prowess of this old lady said in terror when he saw the situation. Lord Lin and Lord Tan’s face darkened. They know today would bode well. Rong Leng stepped forward towards that direction. Liu Wei pulled his sleeves, “Will you be slapped too?” “Are you concerned about me?” Rong Leng asked. Liu Wei released him, “Who has the time to be concerned about you. I am just worried that this old lady gets addicted to slapping people. Even after slapping you, she slaps me too.” After all, the one examining the body is her; suggested to open the coffin is also her. Counting all these, she is then the real mastermind. Rong Leng patted her shoulder, remained silent and walked over. Rong Leng first bowed at the old lady, but the old lady did not appreciate it. Instead, she coldly said, “Lord General personally came over. But this old lady who is the master of the house does not know at all. Since when Lord General’s whereabouts became so sneakily like a thief?” Rong Leng lowered his eyes, “Rong Leng is here only for official matters. I seek for the old lady’s understanding.” “Understanding? You want to dig my grandson’s grave, and you still want my understanding?!” The old lady was raging. As that breath of indignance could not be swallowed, she nearly fainted. Yan Qin clan immediately supported her and carefully calmed her, “Mother, your body is not well. You need to avoid being in a rage.” “Who is making me angry, who is making me rage? What an unfilial son that collude with outsiders to tarnish the peace of my Yan family’s mausoleum. Yan Zheng Li, kneel down!” Duke Yue, Yan Zheng Li’s expression became sullen. His head was lowered as if it was buried in the ground. ……

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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