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Yan Qin clan carefully said, “Mother, no matter how big a matter is, we can wait till later when we are alone……” “Alone what? He is not afraid that Qiu Er finds him to talk about ethics! Would he be afraid to lose his dignity in front of others?” “But……” “No buts! Do you want to help him? Do you not know today, it is your beloved husband trying to dig the grave of your son!” Yan Qin clan could not speak. In the morning, they were almost out of the city. It was the old lady’s nanny who came to notify them. If not, no one would have thought that the Duke planned to move them out to dig Qiu Er’s grave – disturbing Qiu Er’s peace. Yan Qin clan and the old lady immediately hurried back in full rage too. But the Yan Qin clan has yet to be so muddled. All the lords are here, and the duke is a court official. No matter how ugly the family matters are, it should never be shown to these outsiders – if not, wouldn’t they be a joke for the world? Yan Qin clan’s heart is in turmoil. One side is her mother-in-law and Qiu Er, the other is her lifetime husband. Confused on her stand, she said at the end, “No matter what, we need to fill back Qiu Er’s grave.” The old lady also realised that her son’s mausoleum is more important. Hearing that, she immediately ordered the servants, “Seal the grave, immediately seal it now!” The servant who was holding the shovel stopped the moment he saw the old lady coming. Now that he heard the order, he looked at the duke.” The old lady roared, “What are you looking at him for! I call you to fill it, are you all not planning to fill it back?” “Indeed.” Liu Wei’s plain but clear voice rang from behind. Everyone turned behind and Liu Wei extremely stood out. She looked at Duke Yue and spoke righteously, “They even used rotting powder. Doesn’t the duke want to know what happened to the death of the young childe?” The old lady looked at Liu Wei. Seeing that she is not wearing an official robe, her face turned sour, “Who are you even?” Liu Wei lowered her eyes, “I am just a nameless servant. Greetings to the old lady.” “You said what happened to my Qiu Er? What is rotting powder?” “It is a kind of poison.” Liu Wei explained the effects of the medicine, “Duke old lady, the young childe died in vengeance with an unnatural death. Unless the old lady is willing to let him pass on with vengeance without knowing how he died?” The old lady paled, her eyes stared blankly as she muttered, “Poisoned……” Liu Wei continued, “No father is willing to see his son die with a grievance. Even though Duke Yue’s action is bold, but all is to give the young childe a justice. The murderer is still roaming free even though the young childe’s body is still warm. If this body could give us some leads to crack the case, wouldn’t this be the best way to comfort the dead?” The surrounding turned silent. After the duke old lady listened, she did not speak but her eyes turned red. Instead, the Yan Qin clan choked on her sobs – her tears rolled down uncontrollably. Duke Yue adjusted his expression. Then, he knelt onto the ground with a thud. He faced the old lady and kowtowed with three loud sounds, “Mother, I wanted my son to die with no regrets. I want to capture the murderer and slaughter him!” The old lady’s tears finally rolled down. White-haired sending off the black-haired is heart-wrenching naturally. (TN: this is a Chinese idiom. The white hair refers to elderly and black haired refers to the young.) But, the wound on her heart that had finally become a scab is now being overturned and dripping with blood. The memories of her grandson playing around her are mentally and physically torturing the eighty-year-old lady. The old lady could not bear the pain, she fainted on one side and fell hard.

Translator: MelonBunz

Editor: AdhocWizard

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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