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After taking a glance at the plaintiff and defendant, Liu Wei lowered her head, looking at the corpse on the floor. The corpse was covered with a white cloth like how Xiao Juan’s body was covered previously. She slowly walked towards the body. Her nose twitched as she smelled the rotting flesh in the air. “Xiao Li.” She called her son. Liu Xiao Li obediently took out a pair of gloves and scalpel from his small bag, handing it over to his mother. Standing not far away was an old man with a pair of cold eyes. Yet, his appearance had no signs of ageing. He observed the two mysterious equipment and deeply pondered. After wearing the gloves, Liu Wei lifted a corner of the white cloth and stopped. Her eyelids twitched as she took a glance at the district magistrate who was at the upper hall. She sighed, “Xiao Li, take the Yu Ye pill.” Liu Xiao Li wittily took a small bottle out of his bag and carefully shook out a pill from the bottle. With his short legs, he ran to the magistrate and passed him the pill, “Eat it. Once you eat it, you will not feel giddy.” The magistrate's face turned red. Even though he wants to refute that he would not faint, he was afraid that he may faint. Hence, he took the pill and swallowed it. As soon as he swallowed the pill, the magistrate felt its effects; As if a gush of refreshing air flowed throughout his body, filling up the five cavities of his body. He stunned for a moment as he felt his head became clearer instantly. His gazed unknowingly landed on the miracle bottle, full of curiosity. Liu Xiao Li kept the bottle properly and mumbled, “Lord, every medicine has its side effects. Yu Ye pill can help with nauseousness and concentration, but it cannot be taken too many times.” The magistrate’s face felt hot. He touched his nose in embarrassment, as he indeed wanted some of that miraculous pills. There are many prescriptions for nauseousness and concentration. But as of now, no one has ever made it into pills. These pills are small and portable, which was interesting. As Liu Xiao Li kept his bottle into his bag, he saw the old man at the lower hall. He hesitated, but still carefully shook a pill from the bottle. He walked next to the side of the old man and looked up to him, “Grandpa, you should eat a pill too. In a while, the scene would disgust you.” This corpse is not the same as the previous one. Even though Liu Xiao Li is so far away from the corpse, he could still smell the decomposing body. No doubt, the body state was even worse than that of Xiao Juan’s. This grandpa looks old, and if he were to faint at the sight of the body, there may be a chance that he would no longer be able to wake up. Liu Xiao Li had good intentions. The old man peered at the small boy standing beside him. He stunned for a moment, speechless. Instead, the servant in his thirties to forties beside the old man cautiously explained, “Our Lord never eats anything of unknown origins.” Liu Xiao Li was dumbfounded. His expression sunk, looking aggrieved. Liu Wei heard the conversation, she glanced sideways and frowned, “Xiao Li when did I say you can offer Yu Ye pills to dubious people?” “Who are you saying dubious?” The middle-aged servant rebutted back. Liu Wei did not raise her head. Without wasting a moment, she removed the white cloth. Even though mental preparations were made, the magistrate’s body weakened at sight, his head felt heavy. The middle-aged servant who was talking just now was stunned too, he stared at the body as if his eyes popped out. He immediately blocked the old man’s line of vision, not allowing his lord to be shocked at the sight. As predicted, this body, Xiao Hong, had sustained worse injuries than Xiao Juan’s. The body was decomposing and bloody from top to bottom. The abdomen of the body was sliced open and the innards of the body could be seen clearly. Additionally, the organs inside that were damaged and rotted. The court was dead silent. The two bailiffs, who saw a similar scene previously,looked pale with green-purple lips when they saw the body. Even so, the bailiffs were well trained. After what they experienced when they saw Xiao Juan’s body, they learnt and endured from vomiting. Liu Xiao Li was standing quite far away. He wants to go nearer. As he started to walk closer, someone blocked him. A man with broad hands quickly covered his eyes. Above him, a deep male voice said, “Don’t go over.”

Translator: AdhocWizard

Editor: MelonBunz

ProofReader: AdhocWizard

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