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The two people could not bear it anymore. They rushed forward to look inside. But just a glance made their head spin. They are, after all, sheltered women from their chambers – how would they encounter such a situation in their daily life? The miserable and desolated appearance of the skeleton would make people’s heart stop thumping. The servant girl hurriedly supported the two of them back. When they caught their breath, the Yan Qin clan clutched her chest and asked, “Sir, this…… this is……” “That’s right.” Liu Wei explained,” This is a girl. Even though her bones are not fully grown yet, no matter where we observe – her hips, brow bone, skull, forehead or the back of the head, all indeed belong to a girl’s.” Liu Xiao Li continued with his baby voice, “Then why did they call him a young master? Isn't the young master a boy?” Liu Wei looked at the old lady and the lady and explained, “I think, the real Young Master Qiu could still be alive.” Duke Yue walked forward and immediately heard that line. His eyes became serious and quickly walked forward. When he stood in front of Liu Wei, he unbelievably looked at her, “What did you say?” Liu Wei was neither servile nor overbearing. She stared straight at Duke Yue, “I cannot confirm if the young master is still alive, but I am sure that this body is not the young master.” “The culprit must have disguised the body beforehand to keep you all in the dark. And the reason why they sent the body only after a few months, is probably because the culprit thought that a child’s body grows quickly. Then, when you all saw a body that is the same as the young master, the culprit believed that you all would not judge carefully whether his body size has any minute differences and whether it is the actual young master!” “Furthermore, the culprit has used the rotting powder on the body beforehand. Most likely, he wants to quickly destroy the evidence to have a good night’s sleep. But then, he miscalculated. From what I believe, the art of examining the dead is not only the physical body, even bones can be examined too!” Duke Yue’s lips lightly trembled. He stared at the muddy skeleton inside the brown coffin, stupefied. After his eyes blanked out, it suddenly lit brightly. “Not Qiu Er? That is not Qiu Er?” Duke Yue was extremely agitated as he grabbed Liu Wei’s shoulders. Liu Wei’s shoulders tightened and instantly knew that it must have bruised. Rong Leng frowned. A big and powerful hand was on Duke Yue’s wrist, silently warning. Only then, Duke Yue regained his sanity and quickly released Liu Wei. However, his palms were still sweating, “Sir. Is what you are saying true? This is really not Qiu Er? So, my Qiu Er is not yet dead?” Liu Wei shrunk and took a step back. She continued as she massaged her shoulders, “Not Qiu Er. This is a girl body.” “That’s great!” Duke Yue was elated. He turned but he saw his mother and wife clutching their handkerchief and crying. He looked at them ridiculously, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong? This body is not Qiu Er. Qiu Er might still be alive. What are you all still crying for? This is a happy occasion!” The old lady’s tears trickled uncontrollably. Yan Qin clan choked with sobs as she nodded, “I know, I know…… Just that I…… am happy inside.” Duke Yue was helpless, but his expression became gentler. Women are indeed made of water – no matter sad or happy, they would tear. And because this is not the young master’s remains, the duke manor naturally has no objections to them taking the body away.

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