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Xiao Ran Zi frowned, “Young Master, this is a crow – a bird of disaster. has always been known to roam around the burial tombs of cemetery grounds and it is extremely inauspicious!” “Then it came to the right place.” Yan Pei chuckled softly, his visibly pale face had a trace of mockery, “Isn’t my body now a foot into the burial tomb?” “Young master……” Ran Zi felt his heartache but did not know how to persuade. Just then, a lively male voice was heard from behind, “What did Xiao Ran Zi wanted to say? There is no harm saying it to this sick person.” The servant, Ran Zi, turned his head and saw an elegant and graceful young gentleman – gentle like a jade. He was swaying side by side as he walked in. Ran Zi face brightened and greeted, “Childe Yuwen, you came.” Yuwen Yao threw an embroidered pouch to Ran Zi and said, “A bag of sugar snap pea for you to eat. It must have been hard for a twelve-thirteen-year-old child like you to serve a sick master who cannot even leave the house.” Ran Zi hurriedly explained, “No, no… It is not hard. I like to serve the young master!” “I didn’t say you are disloyal, what are you anxious for?” Ran Zi scratched his head and laughed foolishly. Yuwen Yao looked at that motionless white figure who was leaning on the soft couch. He closed his eyes and waved at Ran Zi. Ran Zi wittedly left them. Before he leaves, he even closes the door. Yuwen Yao went over to the soft couch and walked to the front. He looked directly at Yan Pei’s forever emotionless face. He smirked and asked, “Didn’t want to see me?” Yan Pei did not even raise his eyes. He stared at the crow, completely engrossed. Yuwen Yao might as well obstructed his line of vision. He bent his back and forced Yan Pei to look at him. Only then, Yan Pei looked at him – although his eyes were cold. Yuwen Yao sighed. He then finds a spot to squeeze and sits onto Yan Pei’s side of the couch. Yan Pei was dissatisfied, “Can’t you move your own stool?" “I thought you were going to ignore me.” Yuwen Yao smiled lightly. He took out a small pouch from his chest pocket and passed to Yan Pei, “I brought it from Royal Physician Yang. It is a little more expensive but it is a new prescription – perhaps this would be effective.” Yan Pei looked at the plain embroidered pouch but did not take it. He turned his vision back to view outside the windows. Yuwen Yao looked at him awhile then put the pouch on a small table, “If you like birds, then raise one. Why not bring a parrot for you two days from now? A few days ago, on Xiao Ci street, I saw one which could sing as well as a theatrical troupe.” “No need.” Yan Pei plainly said, “Domesticated one has no meaning.” “You like wild ones?” Yuwen Yao followed his sight out the windows and observed the crow that was standing straight with its chest upright – extremely martial, “Speaking of which, I have ever seen someone raising a crow. Nowadays, there are all kinds of people.” Yan Pei finally looked at him, “Even a crow can be raised?” “Who knows. Anyway, the person is raising it and even gave it a name. What is it called again… Oh, Zhen Zhu……?” Just as Yuwen Yao finished, the black bird which was on a branch turned its tiny head. It flapped its wings and swiftly flew down – landed on the window ledge. Its two pitched-dark eyes stared at the two people in the room and crooked its head to the side. “Eh?” Yuwen Yao’s eyes brightened and called again, “Zhen Zhu?” “Caw.” Zhen Zhu lifted its neck and cawed. After looking at both men, it crooked his head sideways again. “So, it is you? That’s why I say where did all these birds of disaster in the capital come from!” Yuwen Yao said, and conveniently picked and threw a melon seed from a plate on the side table. Before the melon seed hit Zhen Zhu, it had dodged it. But it probably thought that someone wanted to hurt him. Zhen Zhu began to fan its wings. As it cawed, it flew towards Yuwen Yao.

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