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Yuwen Yao was shocked and hurriedly dodged! But Zhen Zhu was relentless. His sharp claws were aiming towards Yuwen Yao’s hair. Yuwen Yao had no choice but to move to avoid. He dodged and Zhen Zhu chased. A person and a bird were running around in the room. Yan Pei watched the whole scene, although his face was cold, there was a tinge of happiness that was not seen since a long time ago. That smile was so faint that it looked invisible. Though fleeting, it did exist. Eventually, before Yuwen Yao considered eating a simmer-fried crow or steamed crow for dinner, the black bird stopped its track suddenly. As if it had a telepathic connection, it turned outside the windows and flew away – over the courtyard walls and disappeared. Yuwen Yao touched his messy hairdo – looking in an extremely sorry state. He mindfully looked for Yan Pei’s comb. He combed his hair and complained, “Foolish little animal. It did not know that I am giving a melon seed for him to eat.” Yan Pei calmly turned his eyes and continued, “Crows eat meat.” (TN: I believe crows are omnivores? Or maybe I’m wrong?) Yuwen Yao stunned and his face bloated, “If you know, why didn’t you say it earlier?” Yan Pei ignored Yuwen Yao. This person’s ability to pester endlessly is better than him. Yuwen Yao tidied his hair and looked at himself at the bronze mirror. He then walked back standing in front of Yan Pei, “Remember to eat the pill I gave you. I will visit you again soon.” “No need,” Yan Pei closed his eyes, “take away the medicine too.” Yuwen Yao replied grudgingly, “It is useless even if I take it away. Goods sold cannot be refunded with money. Plus, who else other than you around me can eat this medicine? Even if this cannot cure your illness, it can help a little. What are you being so obstinate for?” Yan Pei remained silent. But to Yuwen Yao, this is his way of protesting. The atmosphere suddenly became pin-drop silence. After a while, just as Yuwen Yao was thinking to say something, there was noise from the outer courtyard. Yuwen Yao frowned and strode to the door. The moment he opened the door, the black bird immediately attacked. Yuwen Yao did not react fast enough. The hair which he had tidied previously has been once again messed up. He was completely pissed. He coldly hmphed and became serious! But the bird only attacked once then turned and flew away. Yuwen Yao chased and saw that foolish bird flew and landed onto the shoulders of a young child that was bean-sized. It signalled and cawed, as if it was complaining. Yuwen Yao narrowed his eyes and immediately recognised this small child. A few days ago in Yi Ya pavilion, he not only had a deep impression with that crow. That day, he could still vividly remember a young child who used a sugar hawthorn to cut the troop leader of Zhen Ge department Third Squadron’s hair. Liu Xiao Li touched Zhen Zhu's head and coaxed it. He asked, “So this is the person who bullied you? You said he used something to smash you?” “Caw!” Zhen Zhu squawked loudly. Liu Xiao Li nodded, “I understand. Don’t be scared, I will get revenge for you!” Xiao Li said and looked towards Yuwen Yao, “My bird said that you bullied him! I am afraid to wrong you, so let me ask. Did you bully him?” Although the child is small, the tone of his speech was not soft. When he speaks, his face was strict, as if he is an adult. Thinking that this child’s martial art is out of the ordinary, Yuwen Yao smirked. He twirled his hair and smiled, “If it said I bullied him, then I can also say that it bullied me. Look.” Liu Xiao Li looked at his hair in a miserable state. He turned and asked Zhen Zhu, “he said that you are the one who bullied him, what happened?” “Caw caw caw! Caw caw caw!” “I see.” Liu Xiao Li massaged its tiny head to comfort it. He turned to Yuwen Yao, “You lied! My bird said it is you who took something to hit his head, that is why it grabbed your hair, so you are the wrong one!” Yuwen Yao raised his brows. He thought something was not right. This young child can even understand bird language? “It told you?” “Yes, it told me!” “Just?” “Don’t divert the question. You bullied my Zhen Zhu, so I want to seek revenge for him!” Xiao Li said. His small body scuttled and punched Yuwen Yao at his abdomen.

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