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Yuwen Yao did not dare to be careless. He quickly dodged and moved a step back. His brows knitted together. Liu Xiao Li swiftly pursued the retreating opponent. His small body agilely turned and scuttled to the man’s right as he kicked his knee! A big and small figure was jumping up and down in the room. Yan Pei laid sideways on the soft mattress as he observed the scene for a while. He picked up his tea and took a sip before grabbing a few melon seeds to deshell and eat. The two people fought more and more aggressively. Liu Xiao Li’s martial art is taught by his mother; the secret technique of the eight divinatory trigrams while moving around. After Yuwen Yao exchanged blows with him for a quarter of an hour, he felt that although the child’s inner strength is lacking, his skills are extraordinary and strange. After another quarter of the hour, even though he can defend himself easily, the amazement in his eyes became heavier. Yuwen Yao had purposely allowed the child to hit him with some of the blows. Initially, he just wanted to test the power of the child. But the next moment after he was hit, he immediately felt the pain in his internal organs. This child, even though the power of his attacks is not powerful, the area where he hit was extremely accurate. A small punch directly on his pain immediately made his whole body drenched in a cold sweat; almost unable to defend any longer. He thought the first hit was just a coincidence. Hence, he tested it out again and every attack was towards the vital points. Yuwen Yao no longer dared to mess around. He increased his movement speed to try and finish this whole mess which was “triggered by a melon seed”. In the end, Liu Xiao Li lost after all. But Yuwen Yao was not any better; that handsomeness of the graceful gentleman completely vanished after the fight. Just then, Yan Pei had almost finished snacking his seeds. He dusted his hands and casually asked, “done fighting?” As if only to realise that there is someone else in the room, Liu Xiao Li turned his head over. He stunned the moment he looked at Yan Pei. Yan Pei also looked at him. This child’s ability is extraordinary. It is not an easy feat to be on par with Yuwen Yao for half an hour. Yet, such a young child could do it. His future would be immeasurable. “You……” Liu Xiao Li opened his mouth and could not help but to walk towards the man on the couch. Yuwen Yao immediately stopped Xiao Li, “I can fight but he cannot.” Liu Xiao Li blinked. He raised his head and peered at the man who is more powerful than him. He pouted unhappily, “Zhen Zhu.” The moment Xiao Li called, Zhen Zhu flew down from the house wooden beam and landed on his shoulders. “I am no match for him. I can’t avenge for you.” “Caw!” “No, you cannot find dad. Dad told me not to cause trouble. He will be angry.” “Caw!” “No, Uncle Rong too.” Uncle Rong will tell my dad.” “Caw……” “Yeah, sorry.” “Caw……” Zhen Zhu bent his head and rubbed it against his young master’s ears. Yuwen Yao, “……” Yan Pei, “……” Yuwen Yao’s face had an expression saying I-do-not-believe-you-can-really-understand! Liu Xiao Li was very disheartened. He dejectedly looked at Yuwen Yao again then turned his eyes at the Yan Pei who was sitting on the couch next to the windows. He kept quiet awhile and abruptly said, “You are dying.” Unsure if this is a question or a confirmation, but it was very sudden. Yan Pei was shocked. When he finally regained his senses, he closed his eyes and replied, “Mhm, almost dying.” Yuwen Yao frowned. He thought of saying something but did not say anything. In the end, he only looked at Liu Xiao Li with a displeased tone, “Didn’t your dad teach you not to speak rudely towards strangers.” (TN: Yuwen Yao used an idiom here, which is pretty hard for a child to understand. Even an adult would find some difficulty too.) “Ah?” Liu Xiao Li widened his mouth, obviously the idiom “not to speak rudely” is too complicated. He has not learnt before. Xiao Li scratched his head and said blankly, “He is going to die anyway in the first place. The centre of his head between his brows is red, his earlobes are purple, his neck’s red veins extended over to his chin; this is Poison of Bitter Marrow. I saw it in my dad’s journal before. Furthermore, looking at his appearance, he must have the poison within him for more than ten years. If he does not seek medical treatment, when the red veins extend to his cheeks, he would die without a doubt.” Yuwen Yao widened his eyes in shock. He turned to Yan Pei. Yan Pei was a little dumbfounded too. That all-year-round icy expression on his face had a blank stare for the first time. He reached and touched his neck absentmindedly. Liu Xiao Li finished his words. He looked at the time outside and immediately jumped, “Oh, the banquet is starting!” Mother told him not to run too far since Duke Yue wants them to stay and have lunch. The banquet will start at a quarter past noon and he needs to return before it starts. He was playing with Zhen Zhu, then helped Zhen Zhu to find his nemesis. After all this mess, he almost forgot about it all. Liu Xiao Li wanted to leave. But before he ran two steps, he felt a pull by the back of his neck. He turned back and met a pair of worried eyes.

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