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Liu Xiao Li guessed that this man was the old man’s other servant, who was the tall and a straight young man. His broad hands were coarse and rough. Liu Xiao Li felt his face scraping on his hands. He softly touched the back of the gentle hands and mumbled, “Uncle, Xiao Li wants to help daddy. I have to go over.” As he said that, Liu Wei was already calling, “Xiao Li, gauze.” “Coming.” Liu Xiao Li struggled out of the man’s hands and gave him a wide smile. Behind his dad’s back, Xiao Li secretly squeezed a pill into the palms of the young man. He then ran over to his dad with his short legs. The young man looked at the pill in his hands. He stared at it and kept into his sleeves. The old man saw and opens his palms, signalling the young man. The young man playfully frowned, but still gave him the pill. On the other side, Liu Xiao Li has already scuttled to his mother’s side. At the horrible sight of the corpse, his face filled with disgust. Even so, he obediently squatted beside his mother, taking out the gauze and spreading it on his palms. Liu Wei caught a maggot and placed it on the gauze. Liu Xiao Li look at the fat worm crawling around on his palms. He brought it close to his nose and concluded, “Three days and above.” Liu Wei looked happy, “Yes, close enough. Can you be more precise.” Liu Xiao Li looked bitter, his facial expression became uglier. He only observed that this maggot was three days and above. Which meant that the body had been dead for five to six days. He cannot analyse anything else more precise. “Didn’t you smell the maggot? Did you not smell anything else?” Liu Xiao Li chubby cheeks wrinkled like a stuffed bun, “I…… I smelled out the number of days.” “And?” “And……” Liu Xiao Li could not answer. His mouth was shut tightly. Liu Wei sighed and changed her way of guidance, “The maggot is indeed about three days old, but this range is too wide, and we cannot precisely pinpoint the time of death. So, what should we do?” His mother had taught him this before. Liu Xiao Li answered quickly, “We should smell the maggot’s odour to determine the climate it was born in. And confirm if the maggots birthed in the normal daily climate have the same smell. In other words, if there is a possibility that the corpse has been intentionally placed in a cooler or hotter room to slow down or speed up the birth of the maggots. This can eliminate whether it is an intentional or an unintentional murder.” “Then have you confirmed?” Liu Xiao Li took a deep breath, slightly unconfident, “I smelled. The maggot does not have any fishy stench. But uncle advisor said that the body was found next to the lake. This is impossible because the maggot would have a fishy stench if the body was at the lakeside the whole time. Therefore, the lake is not the crime scene.” “Continue.” “If the lakeside was not the first location, it means that the body was murdered elsewhere. Then, it was dumped to another location for at least five to six days before it was abandoned at the lakeside.” Liu Xiao Li explained and secretly took a glance at his mother’s expression. Seeing the smile in his mother’s eyes, he knew that he analysed correctly and became more confident. “So, I can say that this is a deliberate murder and the body was hidden intentionally. The body was only placed at the lakeside today or last night.” “How about the crime scene?” Liu Wei asked. Liu Xiao Li stunned, his tiny face crumpled, almost crying, “Dad, I don’t know. I can only smell out the climate which the maggots were born in which is most likely in a stuffy and dusty environment. In other words, the body was kept in the cellar or basement after it was murdered. But I cannot smell out the crime scene.” “You cannot smell out the crime scene, but can’t you conclude?” Liu Xiao Li shut his mouth. His head dropped, feeling embarrassed.

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