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The room was dead silent. The magistrate was impressed yet stupefied. Although he witnessed Liu Wei’s unperturbed attitude of not being disgusted when examining the corpse, he did not expect that Liu Wei’s son would also have such a capability. A normal four-to-five-year-old child who sees such a horrifying corpse would not only be scared to sick but would also barf for up to seven days. In contrast, Sir Liu’s son could still be smiling and picking the maggot in his hands. A whiff and he could smell out the time of death and the location where the corpse was hidden. What is this capability? What is this ability? What did this boy grow up eating? The boy is so intelligent, yet Sir Liu is still unsatisfied. He is just four-five-years-old, a small kid that would be trampled by someone if he roams further alone. Such a young kid and already so capable, what exactly is Sir Liu unhappy about! The three suspects at the side were stunned too. The old man was astonished briefly. He stared at the adult and the child not too far away. His eyes seeped out his deepest thoughts. He must have not travelled out of his house for too long, not expecting to have such talented people outside. Rare, this is rare. The unbearded middle-aged man was startled too. He knows many different types of people. Even under him, many witty children are also aged four-five-years old. But he has never seen such a child who looks so lovely and cute to be so brutal and savage. Is this a child? Are there children who grow up like this? He secretly took a glimpse of his master standing next to him. Sure enough, he saw his master’s lips curled into a smile. He placed his intentions in his heart to speak to the boy after the end of the trial. He can see that his master appreciates the talent of the child. On the other hand, the young man who was silently standing next to the old man all along had finally shown a glimpse of amazement. But that was fleeting and did not stay for long. Instead, his gaze landed on the half squatting coroner with white flowy robes. He finds this person familiar. But he cannot recall. As for the other people, Li Ping and the two bailiffs, they were too shocked to say anything. Their mouth opened and shaped like a half “o”. They couldn’t say a single word out, as if something were stuck in their throats. Liu Wei threw away the white cloth, took out her scalpel and starts to cut open the body’s chest. Liu Xiao Li stood beside and quietly learning. His hands followed along. His mother mentioned that the cutting angle must follow the muscle’s vein lines so that evidence on the body would not be tampered with. But only both of them are concentrating. The rest of the people looked as if they saw ghosts. Li Ping ran and crawled away for a good distance before he stopped his movements. There was a strange gap around the man and the boy. While cutting the body, Liu Wei told her son, “The crime scene can be uncovered in many aspects. For example, the location of which maggots were birthed. Think, if someone can hide the corpse at his home cellar for five to six days, it means that the distance between his house and the crime scene is not that far away. If not, how is he going to carry the body without fearing someone saw? So, we can conclude that the murderer home is close to the murder scene. Also, he most likely has little to no neighbours. Then it would not alarm the people around.” After being advised by his mother, Liu Xiao Li’s eyes brightened, “I understand Dad! So next to the crime scene, there should be a small solitary house. If we can find that house, we can find the crime scene and the murderer!” He looked at the magistrate with his pitched black eyes, “Lord, is there such house in the Fu Ping county?” The magistrate stunned and looked at his advisor. The advisor immediately buried himself in a pile of records and begun to search. But Fu Ping county is neither small nor big. There are too many records, and nothing could be searched in this short amount of time. “Find somewhere close to the Li family village. The murderer has to dump the body somewhere close to the lakeside, so he must be living somewhere close.” Liu Wei reminded. The advisor immediately took out Li family village’s land deeds. Liu Xiao Li lifted his eyes to look at the Li Ping at a distance, “Uncle Chief, you are the Li family village chief. You should know if there is such a house near the village, don’t you?” As his words fell, everyone looked at Li Ping. Li Ping only felt a chill on his neck. He immediately knelt and tremble vigorously, “This commoner, this commoner does not know. Li family village nearby does not have any such houses.” “Does not have?” Liu Wei stood up, took off her gloves and mindlessly peered, “Li family village is close to the mountains. The villagers normally work in the fields, if not, they will go hunt upon the mountains. Since the hunting grounds are at the top of the mountain, won’t you build a resting cabin?” Li Ping felt his body became heavier as if he could no longer breathe. His expression had already explained everything. Liu Wei threw away her gloves, calmly tidy up her sleeves, “From the first time I see Li village chief, I already felt that you were hiding something. Now that we have uncovered, it seems that what you are hiding is somehow related to the murderer. Li village chief, are you still planning to hide?” “I, I……” Li Ping stammered, his pupils were turning all around. “If your eyes moved to the top right, it meant that you were planning to lie.” Liu Wei said plainly. Li Ping shot a look at her. Astonished, his hands unconsciously grabbed on the corner of his sleeve. “Overly nervous and trying all efforts to hide. Based on your body language, it means that you want to hide. What is it that you are so scared of facing!” Li Ping’s thoughts became violent, he suddenly bellowed, “What…… What nonsense are you talking about!” Liu Wei squatted in front of him. She squinted her eyes to see his expression and softly replied, “You said I talked nonsense? Then let me ask you, do you really have no connection with the murderer?” “No!” Li Ping immediately rebutted. Liu Wei raised her brows, “So you do not know the identity of the murderer?” “Of course!” “You knew nothing of Xiao Juan’s and Xiao Hong’s death?” “Of course, I knew nothing! No, I knew. But it is only after I saw the bodies then I know their deaths. Liu Wei muttered to herself. She asked again, “Did you know about Xiao Juan’s death?” “I said I only knew of it after I saw her body!” “Did you know about Xiao Hong’s death?” “You…… How many times do you want me to say? I already said I only knew of it when I am together with the rest of the people.” “Do you see the murderer often?” “Of course not, how can it be. I have no idea who the murderer is!” Li Ping feels that there is poison in this coroner’s eyes. Just looking at his eyes makes him nervous He immediately moved his eye contact, faced the court hall and kowtow, “Lord, I am wronged. I really am wronged!” Liu Wei asked enough and stood up. The magistrate was confused, “Sir Liu, how did it go?” “Li Ping sees the murderer before, and he is somehow related to the murderer. Besides, he also knows the murderer identity and can often see the murderer. He did not know Xiao Juan’s death, but he knows Xiao Hong’s. He had likely seen Xiao Hong’s body in the cellar. Lord, I recommend capturing Li Ping first. I need to personally go down to the Li family village. The murderer is very likely to be one of the Li family villagers.” “No, Lord! I…… I do not know who the murderer is! I have never seen the murderer before! I am wronged! This person is speaking nonsense! He is trying to frame me!” Li Ping hastily shouted, but in his heart, he was super astonished. What is going on? Why does it seem that this person knows everything……? The magistrate was in doubt, “Sir Liu, I do not comprehend. This Li Ping objected all your questions just now. How did you confirm that everything he said was a lie?”

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