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I wonder where I could go with such a tear-stained face. I might bump into someone near the Castle’s salon where everyone was gathered just now. Hiding my face from my fan, I swiftly walked through the hallway and escaped outside. Lined up beside the castle I just ran out of, was the knight’s quarters and their training grounds. And a little further ahead lay the Mage Premises and the vegetable garden. If you ventured deeper, you would apparently find a beautiful landscape garden. The landscape garden and vegetable garden would be crowded. Furthermore, the knight’s tower and training grounds were close, and chances of running into the knights who moved about to train were high. The knights were all raised to be gentlemen. They wouldn’t leave a crying girl alone. In some sense, it was a danger zone. As I wiped her tears with a handkerchief, my eyes fell upon the Mage’s Premises. Maybe it would be fine if I went there. My steps naturally led there. I had heard that people in the Mages’ Premises would all be shut in, absorbed in research of their own, and thus would seldom show their face to others. They could even be called indifferent to others. The people who could enter the upper floors where important research was performed were restricted, but if it was the first floor, one could enter freely. When I rushed into the Mages’ Premises in a hurried pace, I rushed inside the toilets for my life. Ahh, thank goodness, just as the rumours said, I didn’t meet anyone. It would have been nice to have made a rough arrangement in my mind when I got a chance to visit each building of the Royal Palace as part of my Princess education. Crying alone in the toilet cubicle, I wanted for my emotions to settle. I was tired of remembering the words that everyone said, the irritated voice of Helios-sama which went around in my head and revived the stalled tears over and over again. I seemed to get hurt more than come to terms with it. I’m an idiot. I can’t settle things even after crying my heart out. As my tears poured, I was still thinking hard about what to do. Certainly I had until now, wholeheartedly worked on the Princess education. I wished to be of use to Helios-sama. To say nothing of Father and Mother, even the Emperor and the Empress were quite happy seeing me put in hard work. I had come to a point where I had received words of praise saying ‘there is nothing more to teach you’ multiple times, but in some sense, it was a skill that anybody could get if they put in efforts. On one hand, Marietta had good looks and a magnetic personality. On the other was me, who couldn’t achieve anything no matter how hard I tried. When I thought of that, I knew the difference between the both of us was obvious. When Marietta receives the princess education and possesses the knowledge, I’m certain I would not hold a candle to her abilities, nor would I have any influence. Furthermore, even now. just a smile from Marietta could encourage men to do their best, it’s power was tremendous. After thinking calmly, I found myself agreeing to what the men just now had said. I feel sad though. Certainly Marietta is more suited to becoming the crown princess. Thinking of the faces of everyone who must have been there at the salon, my eyes became moist again. Even though I had sworn to support Helios-sama together with him in the future. It wasn’t just once or twice that we had discussed how to handle a difficult diplomatic negotiation or how to carry forth a debate. I thought we were companions......However, when I thought of how I wasn’t even recognised as Helios-sama’s consort, I felt as if I was being stabbed. Thus, I can do nothing but apologise to Helios-sama. If I had realised Helios-sama’s feelings sooner, I wouldn’t have worked this hard on my Princess Education. “If I suggest such a thing, if I’m not careful I will be the one disinherited.” I let out a self-deprecating laugh and said. If Helios-sama cannot suggest it, it would be best for me to move. If I do so, it would not hurt any of those who are to carry this country forth. Still, telling Helios-sama...His Highness that I wish to break the engagement with him in itself was a hurdle quite high. Both father and mother would refuse to do such a disrespectful thing. I do not intend to force them to do so either. I have decided. Just one thing, a way to settle this problem without causing trouble to anyone. I have to find it. Strengthening my resolve, at long last my tears stopped. Just knowing that I had something I could do, I could aim towards that goal. It was much more constructive than simple crying. Wiping my tears, I tidied my face in front of the mirror. I won’t cry anymore. It has always been my policy to leave the crying to when I have a plan in place. I stared at my face in front of the mirror. My nose and eyes were still a bit red, but they will return to normal as I walk. I have to go back. After all, Marietta is here today, the men wouldn’t have even done half the work. Before long, I will cease to be Helios-sama’s fiancée. However, right now, I have a responsibility. Away from people’s gaze, I quickly left through the back door of the Mage’s Premises and quickly walked on the path leading to the Royal Palace’s entrance. On my way, I noticed a figure in black seemingly on a seemingly hidden bench and promptly stiffened. A person here......Should I return before they notice me? As I hesitated and observed the figure on the bench, I breathed sharply at the existence of the impossible. “That is......”


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My city is mostly in lockdown right now. I’m slowly running out of snacks welp. Don’t worry, Selen will get her Prince Charming (or in this case, Mage) very soon. -Hasr11

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