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Seeing the unbelievable sight unfold in front of me, I absentmindedly reminisced about our first meeting a year back. The robe he was clad in was black from top-to-bottom, but both his hair and eyes were deep black, rare in this nation. But they weren’t unpleasant. His shiny black hair tied into a bunch and onyx-like black eyes seemed to be accentuated by his fair skin and looked beautiful. However, his eyes had a clever glint to them that seemed to coldly pierce everything they fell upon. A frozen expression like a statue with beautiful looks, I thought it was appropriate that he was called the ‘The Mage Corps Leader of Ice’ by all. Yet, that man now had an enchanting smile on his face as he sat on the bench in front of me. “Viol...sama?” I called out his name out of sheer surprise and covered my mouth immediately, but was frozen stiff on meeting eyes with his vacant expression. Seeing a half-eating cupcake fall from his hands, let out a tinny shriek. “The Cake!” “!” His reflexes seemed surprisingly good, and Viol-sama caught the cake quickly as it fell, and let out a sigh of relief. I breathed a sigh of relief. I felt apologetic that due to the panic caused by my voice, the cake he was eating with such relish was now ruined. For now, I am relieved after confirming that the cake was safe. “I’m really sorry.” I quickly lowered my head and diverted my eyes, I quickly paced forth to walk by Viol-sama. I heard an unusual sight and carelessly let out my voice, but I was in a circumstance that I would not want to see. That moment I decided to ignore and move ahead. “Wait.” A voice as frigid as ice stopped me. I turned back fearfully and saw Viol-sama glaring at me in utter disappointment. Scary. It was a chilling expression as if the loving smile he was showing the cupcake until now was an illusion. Come to think of it, I had never seen Viol-sama’s expression, he was a person with the reputation of having a heart of ice. What kind of person have I called out to? I felt like slapping you from a few seconds back. “Why, it is Selen from the Ducal Family. Why are you here?” “My apologies.” “I did not ask for an apology. Just now, you came from the Mages’ Premises, right?” I was lost for words. Firstly, he was entrusted with the Mage Corps, that was the third Division of the Mage corps who took charge of the national defence, and had the king’s trust. There is no doubt that he would be bothered by a nobleman’s daughter who had nothing to do with the Mage Corps coming to their premises. “Moreover, that face. Were you crying?” Ugh...It seems he even clearly noticed my tears. I wished he had not noticed that. “...Nevermind that, I wasn’t.” “Your face doesn’t say that. ...Ah, I see, come to think of it, my subordinates were all raising a fuss about how your younger sister was coming to the Royal Palace. My shoulders trembled in frustration, even I could perceive it. Viol-sama’s face seemed to say “I see”. For someone rumoured to have frigid emotions, he was quite expressive. Viol-sama, who was staring at me intently without reserve, pointed at the spot beside him on the bench. “Sit. You don’t look like you should meet others for now.” Having concluded that, I dejectedly sat next to Viol-sama. While wondering if my face was really that awful, I desperately tried to change my train of thoughts. With the current situation, I had to prepare for the worst. The fact that I had cried, and the things related to Marietta, Viol-sama had sensed everything. He was someone in the position of the Leader of the Mage Corps, I would like to believe that he wouldn’t believe the source of rumours so easily, but it wasn’t as if I knew his personality. Can he not pry into this matter any more and remain quiet somehow? As I gazed upon my hands placed aimlessly on top of my legs, from the corner of my eye, I saw the cupcake that was saved earlier in Viol-sama’s hands. That was it! Deep down, I smiled complacently. And then once again, I thanked the gods from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful idea that had flashed upon my mind. Ahh, that is it. I’ve thought of something good. Surely this encounter must be an opportunity from the gods. Your Highness, wait for me. I will surely break our engagement without hurting anyone. Remembering His Highness, I solemnly took an oath and spoke to Viol-sama who hung his head. “Please eat.” “What?” “Just now, weren’t you eating it? The cupcake. Don’t mind me, please eat it.” “Ah, ahhh....” The minute I spoke, Viol-sama’s tone became evasive. He immediately made a face of displeasure when I gave him a sidelong glance, so I must not be a pretty sight. He is the “The Mage Corps Leader of Ice” after all After a slight hesitation, Viol-sama ate the cupcake. Of course, he didn’t make an enchanted smile like before, but for the time being he didn’t seem to have any regrets either, and I too remained without probing much. It seemed to be for both of our benefits. “Miss Selen...” “You love cake, don’t you?” I excitedly brought up the topic. I have to make Viol-sama listen to my request somehow. “Because I use too much brainpower, I crave sweet foods at times. ...Please don’t tell everyone.” He replied so with a glum face, and I smiled despite myself. Of course. I would never tell this to anyone.


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