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DPBC 4 [Viol POV] It became a troublesome thing “Please don’t tell this to anyone.” The moment I uttered that, I thought, this is bad. Miss Selen, who had a gloomy face all this time, suddenly gave a smile. Nothing was good this time. As I feared, Miss Selen now has a bargaining chip in her hands. “Of course I will not tell this to anyone, but...Viol-sama, I just have one request of you.” “Say it.” I didn’t say that I’d fulfil her wish particularly. I was curious to know what the Duke’s daughter, who had been crying until now, would negotiate about. The rumours say that she is a favourite of the Emperor and Empress. It might perhaps not be talks of overthrowing the nation. Perhaps she wanted to request a love potion or charm of me as would any young girl. Such things were outside the realm of expertise of the Mage Corps, but I heard that we were seen as existences similar to fortune-tellers and pharmacists. I thought so, but as it turned out, I was splendidly off the mark. “I want you to introduce me to someone who can teach magic well and is tight-lipped.” “What?” “Something like a home tutor.” “...Who needs to be taught?” “It is me. Believe it or not, my magic power is of AA rank, and my aptitude is of A rank.” “Isn’t it a level that even the highest of Mages aim for?” “Yes.” Miss Selen who was chuckling, quickly switched to negotiation mode. Her tears seemed to have stopped. Seeing the younger girl stare defiantly as if she had made an important decision, I felt a semblance to the obstinacy I had from the time I had freshly left the countryside to aim to become the best Mage. “What do you wish to be taught?” “That is...Um, I would like to discuss that with my tutor in private.” Her eyes became shifty for the first time. Perhaps it was something she could not say out loud. “If you do not tell me what you want to be taught, I cannot introduce you to a suitable person.” “That is true, but...I do not wish to cause trouble for Viol-san. With Viol-sama’s position, it is better for you not to know of the matter,” “With the case being so, it would be impossible to introduce someone, normal that is.” “That is true, however...” She quickly hung her head dejectedly. After hanging her head as she thought, she raised her head as if she reached a decision. “I think it is a good plan to make everyone happy, but...I don’t think it is good to trouble others for it. I shall do my best on my own after all.” She quickly got up and gracefully bowed. “Viol-sama, pardon me for disturbing. I wish you a pleasant day.” “W-Wait!” “I have to take my leave now. Work must surely be piling up today.” Seeing her troubled state, it hit upon me— Ah, it was because her younger sister had come. She was hinting that the men must have made no progress with work, being preoccupied with her younger sister. Geez, what were they doing? As I was disgusted with them, Miss Selen suddenly raised her head. “Umm, Do I...look fine now?” Just as I was about to ask “what exactly are you asking about?”, it hit me. Come to think of it she had been holding back in case her crying voice escaped. Ever since she entered negotiation mode, the redness at the corners of her eyes slowly disappeared and the tip of her nose was also no longer red. It should not be a problem now. “Ah, you look fine.” “Thank goodness.” She smiled in relief, but was she crying because of her sister? Yet she intended to follow up on the work that had been delayed because of her sister. What a kind person. I somehow felt angry for no reason, but it wasn’t something for me to stop. Moreover, she was the daughter of the duke. If we stayed at such a desolate place talking for such a long time and were seen by someone, it was quite risky now that I thought about it. Even though I am now the commander of the Third Division of the Mage corps, I was originally a commoner. Even though I had wrested treatment equal to that of higher-ranked nobles by sheer merit in magic, I didn’t have any family name to speak of, to begin with. If a rumour with the daughter of a duke, more so the fiancée of His Highness were to circulate, it would be bad. However, I was curious about what she wanted to do. “Then, please excuse me.” “I told you to wait. ...Um, I’ve thought of a little plan.” “A plan?” “About the home tutor.” “Really!?” “Yeah. Tonight, when the ninth bell rings, open the window of your room a palm’s width. I shall send my familiar. We shall talk about the specifics then.” “Viol-sama...!” She seemed excessively happy. Miss Selen conveyed her gratitude multiple times, saying “Thank you”, and left. Perhaps the reason her eyes were sparkling was that they had tears in them. “Oh dear, what am I doing...” Seeing her figure disappear, I sighed at myself. I could smell nothing but trouble brewing, though there was no reason for me to get involved.” However, for some reason, I couldn’t ignore her. “Umm...Division Commander Viol.” Surprised at being called out suddenly, I let out a tiny shriek as I turned back. It was Contar. Because he is my right-hand man, I wish to get used to his face quickly. “T-T-T-The afternoon meeting.” “I know.” I know I don’t use many facial muscles, but I didn’t think my face was that frightening. I was a little hurt.


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