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  • The Dull Princess and the Black Cat’s Amicable Engagement Annulment
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[Viol POV] The Cat was a Failure... And thus that night, at the ninth bell, I visited Miss Selen’s room as planned. I knew the location of the Duke’s awfully large residence, and by detecting Miss Selen’s magic power I would immediately know where she was. It was often said, “Don’t make an enemy of a Mage”, and I too believed so. It was easy for us to catch others off guard. I took advantage of the darkness to leap from one rooftop to another. As I jumped across fences and traversed across the bumpy wall I, at last, reached my destination. As promised there was a gap in the window just enough for me to pass. Elegant lace curtains fluttered in the wind. I have to enter the room quickly and close the window, I reflected on how my actions were careless. Perhaps my consideration towards a young lady my age was lacking. When I tapped the window lightly with my forepaw, Miss Selen came rushing with great vigour. “My, how cute! Kitty, are you Viol-sama’s familiar?” “That is right.” “Even your voice is just like Viol-sama’s!” “That’s because I’m his familiar.” That was my facade, but actuality it was the person itself. Not just transforming shape into a cat, I could also show my physical abilities as a cat. I prided myself as being the only one who could do so in this period. Basking in satisfaction for the perfection of my magic that no other could replicate, I gracefully stretched my limbs like a cat and curled my tail. As I did so, Miss Selen’s eyes sparkled as she exclaimed. “How cute~!! I want to own a cat!” I was raised up in her arms and petted. I, at a loss for my actions, settled down in her arms. Anyhow even if I got angry, I had never been doted upon in such a manner. As I was petted, I felt the lace curtains sway in the night breeze; and I let out a sigh. “...Please close the window. I’m sorry but it is unsafe.” “Mr Familiar sure is wise. Hey, what’s your name?.” “I do not have one. You may call me as you please.” “You don’t have a name? Viol-sama isn’t troubled by it?” I’m do not often take this form, so I hadn’t thought up of a name. ‘Hmm’...I heard her wonder and I was suddenly lifted up to her face. “Then, I will call you Vi. Because you’re Viol-sama’s familiar.” Meeting eyes with mine, Miss Selen grinned. Close. Close. Her face is close. I wonder why people seem to become a lot closer when they see you as a pet. It was a mistake to turn into a cat. I should have turned into a bird. I can fly away in bird form. To begin with, I was bad at communicating with others. Moreover, my lack of communication skills was evident on my face and was feared. Even now, I desperately put down to urge to flail around my tail due to being unable to endure the embarrassment. I would end up injuring the Duke’s daughters face and hands. It would be enough no matter how much I apologised. I was quickly reaching my limit, I wished for her to let go.


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