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  • The Dull Princess and the Black Cat’s Amicable Engagement Annulment
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My pleas falling on deaf ears, Miss Selen skilfully closed the window while still holding me securely. The maids seemed to have retired. I was thankful for that, but when I thought about how the things we were about to discuss were a secret even from the maids, I couldn’t help but feel nervous. When Miss Selen wrapped her arms around me, I abruptly lifted up my tail and she sat on a chair. As I was lost in my thoughts staring art my flayed limbs thinking of how my parents would sit me on their lap when I was young just like this, Miss Selen quietly wet her handkerchief with water from the jug and brought it near my paws. Wait! Was she about to wipe my dirty feet with that beautiful handkerchief!? I panicked. I couldn’t fathom what a Duke’s Daughter’s handkerchief was worth. I flailed and writhed about, but Miss Selen had a surprisingly firm hold over me and I couldn’t escape. I was afraid of scratching her arms and clothes with my nails and restrained my actions. Maybe that was my undoing. “There, don’t struggle so much. If feet that have walked outside stepped into the room, Lintz will be mad. She’s my maid, and she’s scary.” In the end, my feet were wiped clean with her beautiful handkerchief. What’s going on, I feel unbelievably tired even before beginning the discussion. This lady is surprisingly wilful. “Vi, are you angry?” “...I am not angry. I wanted you to wipe with a cloth that would be more comfortable for you to throw away after the very least.” Did she not have something like that!? “More importantly, let us get to the topic. You said you wanted a home tutor. What do you want to do?” “Vi, I’m sorry. I cannot tell it to anyone other than my teacher.” She’s cautious. She doesn’t seem keen on speaking of this matter...Looking back at all that happened, it seems quite likely that she’d lie. “I am going to be teaching you.” “Vi? Aren’t you a cat?” “Don’t look down on familiars. For the most part, I can teach you basic magic better than those Mages.” “I hate to say it about myself, but anyhow I was an extraordinary Mage.” It wasn’t a time to gush over, saying “Amazing!”. Miss Selen, please hurry up and spill the beans. “But, is it alright? I want to somehow pass this year’s Special Mage Exams.” “THE SPECIAL MAGE EXAM!? Now!? There aren’t even three months till the exam starts!?”


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