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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/thedullprincessandtheblackcatamicableengagementannulment [Viol PoV] Now, let us see that determination. ...And then the story that tricked out from her mouth was in general, sickening. Speaking plainly, that idiotic greenhorn disparaged Miss Selen simply because they wanted to be liked by her more beautiful younger sister. How foolish. And why did the foolishly honest Miss Selen think her younger sister should become the Princess? If a beauty saying “Do your best” made one work a hundredfold harder, productivity should have been the greatest on the day her younger sister came. The follow up about him not being able to make any progress had the persuasiveness of a grain of sand. Perhaps even the one that disparaged Miss Selen thought so on the inside. The only one who can support that idiotic greenhorn and is fit for Queen is Miss Selen. “Vi, thank you.” As I was fuming with rage all by myself, for some reason, Miss Selen thanked me. Teardrops were hanging on her eyelashes. She must have recounted that feeling as she spoke. “Even though I decided I won’t cry anymore... maybe I just wished to be heard by someone.” “Don’t cry. I’m telling you, Miss Selen is the only one qualified to be the next Queen.” “You’re kind, Vi. ...That’s right, even I did my best believing that, but...I’m a little tired now.” That’s what happens when you put it all the effort you can, but still get spoken like that in the end. I pitied her. “When I received the princess education, there was a point about the mystery of human deployment. Depending on the combination of people, the results may improve significantly or not. I think that's what they mean. Perhaps with me, they can't show enough strength. She declared. Incorrect! However, I thought. What would happen if I persuaded Miss Selen to return to being His Highness’s consort? Surely the country would stabilise. But, would she be happy? Supporting the idiot blockhead greenhorn in the shadows, following him...and once again being made a joke of by that idiot who knew no gratitude. Won’t she once again cry secretly just like today? Don’t kid me. He lacked overall talent, his efforts weren’t up to par and would shamelessly bark like a retreating dog. I’d often seen it at the Royal Magic Academy. And I hate such cowardly guys the most. I wanted to sound him out, tell him to put in some pains to fix that rotten personality of his. “Fine, Miss Selen. For your goals, I’ll do my best to help.” “Vi! Thank you!” She seemed too happy, for Miss Selen energetically picked me up from the table and spun me around. The glints of my front limbs were held firmly, but my hind legs swayed due to the force of each turn...I hated this since I was a kid...rather, I’m gonna puke... “D-Dizzy...” “My, I’m sorry. Do cats have weak balance?” Miss Selen panicked and scooped up some water for the limp me, but I still hadn’t learned how to use my tongue to drink water like a cat. It was a challenge for the next time. “Are you ok? I’m sorry.” Seeing Miss Selen anxiously pet me gently, I turned to face her. “I am fine. More importantly, let us quickly get to the special training. It’s already quite late into the night.” “Yes!” Miss Selen once again straightened her back. She was quite easy to read. And obedient. This must be what piqued the queen’s interest too. Our kingdom, with its land protected by magic barriers, has had no big battles for hundreds of years. Having successfully established trade, it was extremely peaceful. Therefore, from the king to the people, all were generally easygoing and a little laid back. Miss Selen would surely have become a good queen who would be suitable for our country and calmly lead the country. I slowly stood up on the table and stretched my limbs. The girl in front of me stared at me with a meek gaze. I too returned her gaze. “But I'll tell you, it's a little rough and a way to strain your body.” “We don’t have much time. Be prepared.” “Incidentally speaking, I don’t like simply burdening the body day in and day out with boring and dull tasks.” Even the academy recommended it, but the ones who continued with it were extremely rare. Even the ones who aimed to become special mages, who were considered the stars, many disliked monotonous effort. It's difficult to keep doing things that you don't like, even if you know they'll lead to results “But, Viol-sama was able to give the exam right?” “That’s right. Even now that special training is useful. ....Or so my master said.” “If that’s so, I’ll accomplish it no matter how hard it is. Please teach me.” Miss Selen's eyes shined with a strong will. This might just be all right. “Besides, it is my strength that I am good at continuing to make a monotonous effort for a long time.” She laughed all the same. Speaking with indifference, she didn’t seem to be exaggerating. Even here, all would welcome such a person with open arms. Few people like this are so suitable for maintaining magic barriers. “Well then, let us set up a barrier here. Basic magic is fine, let us continue without rest till your magic power is consumed.” Now, let us see that determination. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/thedullprincessandtheblackcatamicableengagementannulment


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