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http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/thedullprincessandtheblackcatamicableengagementannulment Special Training Till the Morning TL/N: Back to Selen PoV A circle formed around me in mid-air. With a Poof! a barrier larger than my arm span appeared. “Amazing! Vi sure can use really amazing magic!” I was amazed. Because he looks just like a cat. Though he had the same voice as Viol-sama, his way of speaking didn’t match his appearance. Viol sama sent his familiar especially. I surely will be able to learn magic. As I spoke to vi, I told this to myself many times. After all, every time I see him, he’s just a cat. And yet, how easy it is for him to create a barrier! “That’s but obvious.” While his face still feigned indifference, he seemed to be truly happy to hear my praise, as Vi’s tail proudly stood straight. “Then, face this circle and hit it. Don’t miss, or the room will be destroyed.” “Yes! I’ll do my best! But…” “What?” “But first teach me about basic magic.” “...What?” “I have a lot of magic powers and aptitude, but I didn't go to a magic school.” The moment he heard the words, Vi fell down powerlessly. “Vi!?” Even when I called out, he remained lied down sideways and did not reply. When I brought my face closer worriedly, he muttered with a cursing voice, “You must be kidding ... hey …”. “Um, Um, I’m sorry. My father said that the queen consort didn’t need Magic.” “You! Don’t say you want to become a Special Mage when you’re like that!” When he sprang up with frightening vigor, Vi’s back arched up, scaring me. I really did something inexcusable. Vi must have thought all knew basics of magic.” “As I continued to apologize, Vi took deep breaths as if to calm himself down. At last, he muttered, “It’s fine”. “It’s my fault promising you without ascertaining your abilities. If that’s the case, let’s continue to meet up till the very end.” “Really!? Vi! I really appreciate it!” “In exchange, don’t think you’ll get to sleep today!” “As you will!” Only one magic was taught the first time. By the time the sky began to turn bright, I was finally able to create effective magic. “Vi, what’s wrong?” “My body feels warm, seems like its effective.” “Somehow your fur seems soft too. I never knew there was such convenient magic.” It was said to be magic that rejuvenates the body. I wanted a more popular ... magic such as fire or water, but he taught me this because they needed me to continue training during the day. Or something. Vi-chan is wise despite being a cat. Familiars are amazing. “Then, this time, try using the same magic on yourself.” “Yes.” “The trick is the same. Yeah...good, circulate the magic properly through your body.” “It’s true. I feel warm.” “Yeah, now reduce the output of magic…” “Reduce...put out less...?” “ Yeah, that’s the feeling! Lesser...reduce it little by little.” It hurts. It really hurts. It's still hard to create the magic itself, adjusting the output was a herculean task. I see why Vi didn't teach the fire and water magic. If the output of fire magic was incorrect, the room would be almost charred. “...Great! That's it. Keep that output.” How long do I maintain that condition? “That’s enough. You can stop now.” Hearing Vi’s voice, my whole body relaxed. I collapsed on the table despite myself. “Not bad! I despaired when I heard you could even do basic magic, but it seems like Miss Selen has aptitude! It’s uncommon to be able to concentrate for so long!” Vi praised me with a lively voice. I’m glad...it didn’t end with him simply being disappointed. Perhaps I seemed overly happy, for his tiny paws softly patted me on the head. “Great, well stop here for today. You did well.” “I can still do more!” I got up in a hurry. I didn't have the time to get along with the table. I should spare every minute and one second and work on magic! “I'm fine. I'm used to staying up all night.” If I take a nap for about 15 minutes during lunch break, I should be able to go at that pace for two days. Though I thought so, Vie spoke tiredly through his half-lidded eyes. “No, I really want to sleep too.” “Well, even familiars have to sleep.” “... Well. Anyway, magic is a game of concentration. For tomorrow’s training, I want to sleep today." “...Yes.” If he says so, I can’t pester him anymore. I felt apologetic, making Vi do so much despite being sleepy. http://www.xiainovel.com/novel/thedullprincessandtheblackcatamicableengagementannulment


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