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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 100 – Shot and absorbed 2/2 Death Mage once again let out a strange laughter. Don’t be mistaken, he wasn’t mocking Xiao Yi. Alright, fine, he was indeed mocking Xiao YI. Death Mage suddenly spread out his arms, and a strange black fog suddenly emitted out from his entire body. The black fog was just like a virus, corroding the earth. Xiao Yi turned pale with fright, this black fog is forming into tentacles and attacking towards me, I don’t have time to think too much now, I have to quickly dodge! “Tentacles of Darkness!” This was one of Death Mage’s ultimate magic. This magic possessed a very strong corrosiveness and penetration strength. As long as one were to get bind by the tentacles, they would wish that they were dead. Furthermore, those tentacles were big, coarse, and round. Xiao Yi had never seen a technique like this before. Those tentacles were obviously slashed into half by me, and yet, those tentacles are able to immediately regenerate after being slashed, this technique is enough to make one tremble with fear. No matter how I dodge, there would always be lots of other tentacles attacking towards me. As an immortal emperor, Xiao Yi was currently jumping around like a monkey, and in no time, Xiao Yi’s nightgown was drenched from his sweat. In a split second, Death Mage grabbed onto that tiny trace of loophole that Xiao Yi made. Controlling his tentacles and forming them into a big fist, the big fist struck towards Xiao Yi with a loud bang. Bang! Xiao Yi’s body flew out like a bullet. Bang! Xiao Yi’s body heavily collided into a mountain, and the entire mountain shook from the impact. All of the animals that were at the mountain were startled by the shake and started running around in panic. Death Mage picked up the ‘Scythe of Death’ that he pierced into the ground and walked unhurriedly towards the place where Xiao YI landed at. Today’s mission is not to kill him, but to kill his woman right in front of him. I’m sure that it would definitely feel incredibly great to do that. How did master even thought of this idea, master is truly a genius. More and more people arrived at the mountain range. However, they did not enter into the battlefield and chose to watch at a few kilometers from the battlefield. Some of the people here were Xiao Yi’s enemies, but towards an incomparable battle like this, they decided to lay their grudges aside for the time being. From the looks of battle right now, they discovered that Xiao Yi’s opponent was not weak. Amongst the people, there was a male and female who both wore light muslin. With just a look at them, it could be seen that the two were cultivators. “Senior brother, Xiao Family is most likely going to undergo a change, we should go back and report this matter to sect master.” “Junior sister, sect master had already finished discussing with Bai Family, you don’t have to worry about it.” “Bai Family! Senior brother, that Bai Cixin is not a good person at all, to corporate with them, we…” “Junior sister, although Bai Cixin is vicious, we require Bai Family’s resources. After this matter, we still have to travel to the south.” “South? Why do we have to travel there?” “It is naturally because there is a treasure at the south.” Junior sister’s eyes revealed out curiosity, just what kind of treasure is it that we have to risk our safety and infiltrate the south? Everyone was incomparably astonished. Originally, I thought that Xiao Yi would be able to win easily. But from the looks of the situation now, the opponent’s strength is stronger than Xiao Yi’s strength. That black gown person is sickening strong, he is completely beating Xiao Yi one-sidedly, I have never seen Xiao Yi get beaten up like this! Seems like, Zijin City is truly going to undergo a change! However, as an immortal emperor, how would Xiao Yi not have any trump cards? If you think that Xiao Yi does not have any trump cards, you are looking down too much on an immortal emperor! Death Mage was currently unhurriedly walking towards Xiao Yi. But suddenly, Death Mage’s body came to a stop, then dodged to the side. However, Death Mage was still too slow, and his left arm was cleanly severed and fell onto the ground! Right now, Xiao Yi was wearing a gold gown and a silver armor outside the gold gown. Asides from the gold gown and silver armor, he was also holding onto a gold color long sword. There was a bloodstain at the corner of Xiao Yi’s mouth, and his complexion didn’t seem really look. In the end, Xiao Yi had no choice but to use his trump cards. When the experts that were watching from a distant place saw that gold color long sword, they couldn’t help but start sweating cold sweat. “That… that is actually… the legendary Xuan Yuan Sword!”


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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