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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 101 – All mages have the spirit to fight close-range combat 1/2 When the people who were watching the fight saw Xiao Yi took out Xuan Yuan Sword, all of them couldn’t help but gasp. I remembered that a few years ago, there was a rumor that Xuan Yuan Sword had come into this world again, but I would have never had expected that the Xuan Yuan Sword had actually landed into Xiao Yi’s hands. If not for his opponent’s strength being truly formidable, who would have ever thought that Xiao Yi has the Xuan Yuan Sword? This Xiao Yi sure has hid it deep enough. Furthermore, that silver armor that he is currently wearing is definitely not ordinary too. Those trump cards of his are simply frightening! Looking at Xiao Yi’s opponent now too, because of being too careless, one of his arms was severed, and currently, asides from a black gown and the sickle that is in his left arm, there is nothing else! The disparity in their equipment is too big, not only will Xiao Yi remain undefeated tonight, he will also become even more famous after this battle, his prestige will become even higher than before, and Xiao Family’s position will also rise because of this battle! Moreover, we still haven’t spoken of the other chain reactions that will happen after the fight! The majority of the spectators hoped that Xiao Yi would suffer a defeat. The situation right now requires a breakthrough point, and tonight is a hard to come by chance for that breakthrough point to appear. However, from the looks of the battle right now… Right now, Xiao Yi was holding onto the Xuan Yuan Sword, and the sword was emitting out a faint light. Matching with that gold gown and silver armor of his, Xiao Yi was just like a god descending into the human world right now. Just him standing there and doing nothing else would be enough to make one feel fear. However, Xiao Yi was actually feeling shocked right now. That sudden attack that I made just now enough to completely kill this skeleton, but this skeleton actually discovered my sudden attack, which caused me to only be able to severe one of his arms. And looking at him right now, severing off one of his arms doesn’t seem to have any big effect on him at all! However, since I have already taken out my Xuan Yuan Sword and Black Tortoise Armor, one which has an astonishing power, and another which has an astonishing defense, I don’t believe that I won’t be able to kill this skeleton! I didn’t expect that it would actually be impossible for me to want to be low-profile! After tonight, Xiao Family would definitely become glorious once again. Although my plan was pushed forward by quite a huge amount of time, it is of no harm. Now, I will let everyone see the true strength of I, Immortal Emperor Xiao Yi!” And this skeleton that is in front of me, he will only be but a stepping step towards my path to the peak, that is all that he will be! Death Mage turned his head around and took a look at his severed arm that had fallen to the ground and felt very unexpected about it. However, he was also feeling very excited right now. This human in front of me has piqued my desire to battle! Picking up his severed arm, he placed it at the side, then took off his black gown and carefully placed his phone on the black gown. However, before placing the phone on the black gown, he couldn’t help but opened the phone and took a look at the soccer match's current score. It is still 0 to 0, god damn it! Xiao Yi silently looked at Death Mage’s action. However, when he saw that Death Mage opened his phone again and the voice of the commentators came out from the phone, Xiao Yi was almost angered to death! This is a very serious battle, can you put your heart at it! However, looking at the skeleton frame, Xiao Yi saw that there was no heart. How did a creature like this appeared in this world, this is unfathomable! The backs of the spectators turned cold. It’s not like they have never seen a skeleton before, but the skeletons that they saw were all just some small evil spirits that they could easily stab to death with just one of their fingers. However, this skeleton that they just saw had completely changed their worldview. Could this skeleton actually be a skeleton king! A godly item like Xuan Yuan Sword was only able to sever one of its arms, this is unbelievable! While holding onto his sickle, Death Mage walked towards Xiao Yi and came to a stop 10 meters away from Xiao Yi. “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “Since you are specialized in close-range combat, I will have a close-range combat with you!” Death Mage was definitely a high-level magician, and what he specialized in was definitely magic attacks. However, Death Mage was somewhat ignoring his main occupation right now. In actuality, all mages have the heart of a warrior. “Jiejiejie.” Imperial translation: “High-level strength reinforcement!” “Jiejiejie.” Imperial translation: “High-level speed reinforcement!” “Jiejiejie.” Imperial translation: “High-level stamina reinforcement!” “Jiejiejie.” Imperial translation: “High-level defense reinforcement!” ……

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