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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 101 – All mages have the spirit to fight close-range combat 2/2 …… Xiao Yi dazedly watched Death Mage continuously jiejiejie. Every time Death Mage spoke, a different kind of light would flash out from his body. After 10+ lights flashed, then did Xiao Yi regained back his consciousness. This skeleton is very strange. However, Xiao Yi had also discovered that Death Mage needed to chant when using a magic spell. As long as I am able to bring my distance close to this skeleton, I would be able to be in advantage. As for the sickle in its hand, I reckon that it is just a decorative item only! Right now, Xiao Yi’s speed was a few times faster than before. Immediately, Xiao Yi disappeared from the spot, and a trace of red light flashed in Death Mage’s hollow eyes as he held his Sickle of Death up high. Bang! A boundless black light soared up to the sky, piercing through the black cloud on top of Death Mage’s head. The moonlight once again shined onto the ground, and Death Mage’s Sickle of Death was emitting out a silvery light under the moonlight’s illumination. Furthermore, it was not just a simple illumination, the Sickle of Death was completely turning from black color to silver color. At a few kilometers away, the eyes of the people who were watching the battle almost popped out of their eye sockets. Just what is this, why is a skeleton able to be so formidable, to be able to pierce through the sky so easily! However, within the next second, everyone was startled and retreated another few kilometers away from the battlefield! Death Mage could be seen raising the sickle in his hand, then suddenly slashed forward with the sickle. Followed by the slash, a huge power scattered outward in a circular form! Bang, bang, bang! The sounds of explosions suddenly rang out within this heaven and earth. The airwave was like a surging violent giant creature, engulfing everything before its eyes! Starting from Death Mage’s feet, all of the objects that were in front of him had all disappeared. The mountain that was still there just a while ago had already been evaporated. The might of this slash was actually this frightening. Currently, everyone was startled to the point that they were hurriedly retreating backward to avoid getting accidentally injured by the battle between Death Mage and Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi’s figure gradually appeared. While standing steadily in the air, the Black Tortoise Armor was emitting out a light, and the cape that was at his back was fluttering slowly. All of the spectators couldn’t help but swallowed their saliva. To be able to remain completely unscarred when faced against such a strong attack, this Xiao Family’s family head is indeed formidable! Just that, everyone did not saw the new bloody scar that had just appeared on Xiao Yi's face. Standing in the air, Xiao Yi looked downwards at the Death Mage, and the astonishment within his eyes could not be hidden. I was just thinking of fighting at close-range just a while ago, and right after thinking that, I didn’t expect that this skeleton would suddenly make a move like this! This skeleton is simply frightening to the extremity. Not only is this skeleton able to fight at long-range, it is also able to fight at close-range! Just who is this f**king skeleton! Right when Xiao Yi was feeling angry, he suddenly sensed a killing intent coming from the top of his head. Xiao Yi’s gaze turned serious as he slashed his Xuan Yuan Sword towards the air above him! Bang! The gold color Xuan Yuan Sword came into direct contact with the silver color Sickle of Death for the first time, and the air wave that was produced by the collision spread out to the surroundings in a circle form. Big trees began to collapse one after another, and even the people who were standing at 10+ kilometers away were able to feel the hot air that blew onto their faces. This was what true experts really were like! At the scene, Death Mage took a look at his Sickle of Death. This Xiao Yi actually made a tiny crack on my sickle, that sword of his is truly a good sword! Xiao Yi also saw the crack on Death Mage’s sickle and he began to sneer at Death Mage continuously. My best weapon is this Xuan Yuan Sword, how would that weak sickle of yours be able to withstand my Xuan Yuan Sword! Just that, Xiao Yi had forgotten one thing. Just how formidable was the Xuan Yuan Sword? And yet, the Xuan Yuan Sword was only to make a tiny crack appear on the Sickle of Death. From this, it could be seen that the Sickle of Death was not an ordinary item too! It was natural that Xiao Yi would be immeasurably satisfied with the result. After all, Xiao Yi had already subconsciously placed Death Mage on the same level of expert as he was. Thus, when he was able to deal damage to Death Mage’s Scythe of Death, he felt happy about it. It was a pity, because what Death Mage had to do right now was not to kill Xiao Yi, but to incapacitate Xiao Yi. There was a difference between killing and incapacitating. After all, if Death Mage had to kill Xiao Yi, he could do it with just one simple slap. However, Death Mage who had one of his arms severed, if he wants to kill Xiao Yi within just a second right now, it would be a bit hard for Death Mage.

Translator: Wigglegui



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