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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 102 – The cost of winning 1/2 Speaking of close-range combat, Xiao Yi was indeed an expert in it, and Death Mage was indeed being a bit too cocky right now, he was currently completely underestimating his enemy. However, with various kinds of reinforcements reinforced onto him, Death Mage was not someone easy to push around even when he was engaging in close-range combat. “Die!” Xiao Yi’s murderous intent increased, and when the Xuan Yuan Sword within Xiao Yi’s hand sensed its owner’s murderous intent, the light that it was emitting out became even more dazzling. The fighting style that Death Mage used was incomparably simple, and even a kid would also know how to do it. Aside from slashing, there was nothing else. The two right now were both waiting for the other to expose an opening. However, since the two were both experts in battling, it was not that easy for an opening to get exposed. The two suddenly separated from each other, and Death Mage’s Sickle of Death could be seen to have already been severely damaged. The blade of the Sickle of Death was bumpy, and a few ribs of Death Mage were destroyed. Death Mage’s situation was not very optimistic, and furthermore, Death Mage was suspected to be a little exhausted right now. However, Xiao Yi was also not any better compared to Death Mage. Xiao Yi’s golden gown had already been destroyed into pieces of cloths, and the Black Tortoise Armor was filled with spiderweb-like cracks all over. It was reckoned that, without too long, this Black Tortoise Armor would shatter. Without Black Tortoise Armor’s defense, how would Xiao Yi be able to withstand Death Mage’s crazy-like slashings! Furthermore, Xiao Yi’s situation was more or less the same as Death Mage. A long period of energy consumption had caused Xiao Yi to start feeling exhausted, and the spiritual energy within his body was also left with not much more! Xiao Yi secretly took out a pill and placed it into his mouth. Xiao Yi felt that his spiritual energy was slowly recovering, however, the recovery rate of the spiritual energy was of no use towards the current situation. I have to quickly finish this battle! “Ha!” Xiao Yi shouted out and the Xuan Yuan Sword within his hand emitted out a dazzling light once again. “Xuan Yuan Technique – Fury Slash!” Xiao Yi’s eyes immediately turned into gold color as he jumped up high and changed from using one hand to using two hands to hold onto the sword. The powerful might pressure caused the ground where Death Mage was standing on to collapse downward. For this attack, Xiao Yi’s target was not Death Mage, but Death Mage’s weapon! Because Xiao Yi felt that Death Mage’s weapon was on the verge of breaking, and as long as he destroyed Death Mage’s weapon, Death Mage would be at a disadvantage without a weapon! This was the disparity between the equip of the two, where Xiao Yi had a godly armor, and Death Mage had nothing but a skeleton body. If not for reinforcing his skeleton body with magic, Death Mage would have long been cut into a bunch of bones by Xiao Yi’s Xuan Yuan Sword. And right now, Death Mage’s magic was left with not much more, and he was feeling especially terrible right now. This damned human, to make me look so bad! Bang! The two weapons collided into each other again, and just as Xiao Yi imagined, Death Mage’s sickle was immediately cut into half by his Xuan Yuan Sword, and the silvery light on the sickle disappeared and reverted back to its original black color. When Death Mage saw that his sickle was cut into half by this human, he immediately burst out a shout, causing other’s to not be able to help but shudder. A huge amount of black fog gushed out from Death Mage’s entire body. Death Mage had already lost his rationality. If master was to know that I ended up at a state like this when dealing with a mere human, where would my face be, and where His Honor’s face be! Damned humans, all of you can go to hell, I will use the blood of you humans to wash away my humiliation!

Translator: Wigglegui



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