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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 103 – Are you surprised, do you feel unexpected? 2/2 Wei Chang paused for a moment, then wrinkled his brows and asked, “Is that Xiao Yi really that formidable, that even you were not a match for him?” “Master, this Xiao Yi is indeed not bad, he is the strongest human that subordinate has come across in this world. However, subordinate didn’t really lose to him because of his strength, subordinate mainly lost due to being too cocky.” Death Mage said embarrassedly. It is all master’s fault for requesting such a difficult request, not allowed to kill, and only allowed to incapacitate the opponent. Wei Chang couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and slapped onto that skeleton head, who did this Death Mage even learned his behavior from! “I will give you one last chance. If you are still not able to accomplish the tasks this time, you can stay in purgatory forever!” “Subordinate will solemnly obey master’s order.” Death Mage was stifled with a stomach of anger. This damned human, to actually cause me to get reprimanded by master. If not for master requesting to only kill one person, I will definitely massacre this Xiao YI's entire family! “Go.” Seeing his subordinate disappeared, Wei Chang rubbed onto his head. Who told you to be cocky! Back then, His Honor was also cocky to the point that… Sigh, amongst the Seven Sins, who isn’t cocky… Actually, this matter could not be totally blamed on Death Mage too, after all, Death Mage’s understanding towards humanity was very little. Perhaps, it was time for Death Mage to find himself a girlfriend too. Death Mage wants to express that, I am not interested in women, I am only interested in football. Knock, knock, knock. “Uncle Wei, is your stomachache very serious? I just went and bought a medicine for you.” Tang Wei knocked onto the door and shouted out tenderly. Upon hearing Tang Wei’s voice, Wei Chang who had a face filled with bad temper gradually loosened up. Opening the toilet door, Wei Chang smiled, “Xiao Tang, I’m fine.” “Uncle Wei, your complexion doesn’t seem really good though? How about I bring you to the hospital and take a look?” Tang Wei stroke onto Wei Chang’s face and said with deep concern. Wei Chang pulled onto Tang Wei’s small hand, “There’s no need to go to the hospital. Come, I will send you back home first.” “Are you sure that you are fine?” Tang Wei was still very worried. Wei Chang pinched onto Tang Wei’s nose, “I’m fine.” As for Death Mage, he arrived at the ‘scene of accident’, and discovered that that damned human was gone, and his phone was also destroyed. I am simply about to go mad! That phone was a new apple phone too, I bought it while enduring the pain of spending a huge sum of money! This damned human, not only does he have to pay up the 50 billion and a human life, he also has to pay me a new apple phone too! Death Mage disappeared from the spot, and when he appeared again, he arrived at Xiao Manor’s big gate. When the two security guards saw that black gown person again, they were stupefied… In the living room, Shu Nan was currently cleaning and wrapping Xiao Yi’s outer wounds. As for the inner wounds, Xiao Yi will have to just slowly recuperate and wait for those inner wounds to heal. “Xinyi, I am going to go into closed-door cultivation in a while, therefore, I won’t be able to able accompany you and Yun’er to go out tomorrow.” Xiao Yi said gravely. After this battle, Xiao Family will definitely reach a new height! However, I will also have to quickly recover my strength. Nangong Xinyi said with concern, “Brother Xiao, you can go into closed-door cultivation at ease, I will handle the family’s matters.” “En, with all of you by side, I am able to be at ease.” With his gaze filled with tenderness, Xiao Yi stretched out his hand and caressed onto his wife’s cheek, and Nangong Xinyi greatly enjoyed her husband’s caress. Jiejiejie… Suddenly, a strange sound emitted into the living room, and the tenderness on Xiao Yi’s face immediately froze. The six wives immediately turned their heads over to look towards the direction of the door. Sickle! Black Gown! Strange sound! Death Mage walked step by step towards the living room and came to a stop at 5 meters away from the 7 people. The atmosphere of the living immediately became stagnant. While in a complete daze, Xiao Yi watched Death Mage walked over to him. Xiao YI’s mind was completely stupefied right now. Wasn’t this skeleton turned into dust by me?! How long has it even been since then? Why did it appear in front of me again! Or could it be that, this skeleton is that skeleton’s brother? “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “Are you surprised? Do you feel unexpected…” Xiao Yi was incomparably familiar with this sound. How did he come back to life, how is this possible! In order to kill him, I had to pay such a painful cost, and yet, why was he able to come back to life in an instant! This is not fair! The heaven is not fair! Xiao Yi was finally able to experience just what his enemies felt when they were facing against him.

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