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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 104 – Collect interest 1/2 Death Mage stood dazedly and did not make any other actions, seemingly just like he was a relative who was here to pay the seven people a visit. However, the seven people that were in the living room knew that this skeleton didn’t come here with any good intentions! Xiao Yi’s lovely wives knew that they were not a match for this monster, however, they still stood in front of their men to protect him, seemingly like they were saying, if you want to kill our husband, you will have to kill us first! If Lie Gu was here, he would have definitely kept those six women and properly train them later on. Lie Gu was not picky at all, and moreover, Xiao Yi’s wives were all very beautiful and alluring. Unfortunately, Death Mage was not interested in women at all. “Get lost! We do not welcome you!” Not sure where Yu Qi got her courage from too as she shouted out gravely at Death Mage. Xiao Yi held onto the chair and stood himself up, I’m afraid that I will most likely be done for tonight! “Let them leave, your opponent is me!” Xiao Yi said coldly. Just that, the moment he spoke in such a manner, it immediately triggered his injury and blood dripped out from his mouth. “Brother Xiao, you cannot fight anymore!” Shu Nan immediately held onto her husband and used her spotless white sleeve to clean onto the blood that dripped out of Xiao YI’s mouth, her gaze filled with worry. Yu Qi nodded her head, “Brother Xiao, although we are not really good at fighting, we are still able to fight with this creature for a bit!” Xiao Yi gasped heavily, now is not the time to act as a hero, what is important now is to quickly run! “Why are all of you being so disobedient, quickly leave!” Xiao Yi shouted out painfully. He totally did not expect that there would be such a day like this for him. In the past, it had always been me who give others pain, and yet, now it is my turn to be given pain. Could this be the retribution that heaven gave to me! Nangong Xinyi held onto her husband and said tenderly, “Brother Xiao, even if we were to die, we will die together!” “That’s right!” “That’s right!” The gaze of the six women was resolute, not wishing to be born on the same day, month, and year, but only wished to die on the same day, month, and year! “Why do you all even bother to bring this upon yourself? Xinyi! Properly take care of Yun’er. Yu Qi! Properly give birth to our daughter.” Xiao Yi’s tone was practically pleading. However, the women’s hearts were already determined. If we have to die, we will die together! “Do you all want me to kneel down and beg all of you?!” Xiao Yi shouted out angrily. And with this shout, it immediately caused Xiao Yi to spurt out a mouth of blood, and that white color nightgown of Yu Qi’s was immediately dyed red by the blood. “Brother Xiao…” “Brother Xiao…” Right when they were unwilling to part with each other, Death Mage finally moved. Stretching out his bone finger, he pointed towards the phone that was on the table. Everyone was startled, and Xiao Yi said gravely, “Give it the phone.” Nangong Xinyi picked up the phone and placed it into Death Mage’s hand. While holding onto the phone, Death Mage discovered that the phone was still locked, and indicated to them to unlock the phone. This phone was Shu Nan’s. She looked at the skeleton that was in front of her and did not have any fear in her heart. Taking the phone from the skeleton, she scanned her face with the phone, then heavily threw the phone to Death Mage. “Jiejiejie…” Imperial translation: “What a personality.” Death Mage tapped on the phone screen with his fingers, then lighted out the phone screen towards Xiao Yi and his women. The words were moving just like before. And it was still that same two words. Pay money!!! Everyone was astonished. I thought that this skeleton came here to take its revenge, I didn’t expect that the reason it came here was still to collect debt, why is this skeleton so obstinate… Xiao Yi let out a breath of relief, if it is just money, then it is fine. “Xinyi, go and prepare the money.” Xiao Yi said powerlessly. Nangong Xinyi wrinkled her willow brows, “But, we don’t have that much cash. Even if we were to spend time to raise the money, it still has to take us quite a while to raise that amount of money.” “Use the immovable properties that we possess to pay then.” Xiao Yi said. Although it is not worth to pay with immovable properties, this is currently the only hope of saving the entire family! Nangong Xinyi nodded her head. Suddenly, Nangong Xinyi felt that it was very wise of Wang Dabao to have chosen to pay the money. And yet, a few days ago, I laughed at that Wang Dabao for being foolish. it seems like I am the foolish one! I feel so regretful, it is all my fault for anyhow giving out ideas… “Wait for a while, I will go and prepare the document for the transfer of ownership!” Nangong Xinyi said coldly. Death Mage actually nodded his head, and upon seeing Death Mage nod his head, everyone let out a breath of relief. As long as it was a matter that could be settled by money, it was not really a matter to them.

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