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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 105 – We cannot afford to offend them 1/2 Death Mage thought back to what his master said to him, this should be what master said right, if I didn’t recall incorrectly. Xiao Yi’s entire body was trembling, this skeleton is excessively bullying me! To actually want me to kill one of my women who I dearly love, if not, everyone in Xiao Manor is going to die! Xiao Yi opened his eyes wide, and with his eyes filled with bloodshot, he suddenly shouted out loudly, “Bastard! I am going to risk it all against you, even if I die, I am also going to drag you down with me!” “Brother Xiao… Don’t move anymore. You will die if you continue on like this…” Shu Nan knew her husband’s injury. With this shout, Brother Xiao’s injury definitely became even more serious. “Don’t pull onto me, I am going to die together with this skeleton!” Xiao Yi bellowed as he hurriedly crawled to Death Mage’s side and held onto Death Mage’s leg. Death Mage was indifferent about it, waiting for Xiao Yi to make his decision. It has been such a long time since I heard those kinds of words, it is truly making me reminisce somewhat. Nangong Xinyi did not go and pull onto her husband. Standing behind Xiao Yi, she said tenderly, “Brother Xiao, you often saved me in the past. This time, it will be Xinyi’s turn to save you and this entire Xiao Family.” Xiao Yi dazedly turned his head around and looked at his wife’s gentle smile. Immediately, all the memories flashed through his mind, seemingly just like a movie that was being played. “No! No! Xin Yi, you cannot do that!” Xiao Yi crawled to the front of Nangong Xinyi. Right now, Xiao Yi could not even stand up. Nangong Xinyi squatted down and tidied up her husband’s hair, then wiped away the blood that was on the corner of her husband’s mouth, “Brother Xiao, to be able to know you, Xinyi has never regretted it in this entire life. Although you were very irritating at the beginning, I just couldn’t help but like you. After I leave, you have to properly take care of Yun’er, do you understand?” Xiao Yi stretched out his hand trembly and lightly caressed onto his wife’s cheek, “No… we still have a very long road to walk together, Yun’er cannot not have his mother.” “Brother Xiao, Big Sister Xinyi, let me be the one to die instead.” Shu Nan took in a deep breath and said gravely. Yu Qi was sobbing incomparably right now, “Let me be the one to die instead.” “Yu Qi, you are pregnant with a child, let me be the one to die instead.” “Brother Xiao, let me be the one to die instead!” Nangong Xinyi wrinkled her brows and shouted lightly, “All of you, shut up! In the future, the mission of each of you is to properly take good care of Brother Xiao. All of this happened because of my idea. If I had let Brother Xiao pay the money back then, this matter wouldn’t have happened. Thus, I should be the one to shoulder the aftermath!” Death Mage seemed to have become impatient from waiting. Just quickly choose one person to kill. Get this matter over with quickly, so that I can go and collect back my money! “Jiejiejie~” Imperial translation: “Speed up!” Nangong Xinyi was able to make out what Death Mage was trying to say. This skeleton is asking us to quickly get it over with. Nangong Xinyi said lightly, “Brother Xiao, let me do something for Xiao Family. As long as the mountain is still there, there is no need to worry about not having woods to burn!” Never belittle a woman. Nangong Xinyi was trying to get her husband to endure this humiliation, and silently wait for his chance to rise back to power. “Brother Xiao, Xinyi won’t be able to take care of you anymore in the future, you will have to properly take care of yourself, and also properly take care of Yun’er. After all, Yun’er is our only son.” Nangong Xinyi who had always been strong and resolute, when she thought of her own son, her tears immediately started flowing out. As an immortal emperor, when has Xiao Yi ever cried before. However, right now, Xiao Yi’s cheeks were streaming with tears, showing how helpless he was right now. “Xinyi, you are asking me to kill you?! How would I even be able to do that!” Xiao Yi shouted out in anguish. His eyes were red, and blood continuously gushed out from the corner of his mouth. Nangong Xinyi suddenly stood up, picked up the Xuan Yuan Sword that was at the side and placed it into her husband’s hand, “Brother Xiao, since things have come to this point, do you wish to see all of us die! Do you wish to see Yun’er die? Do you wish to see the child within Yu Qi’s stomach die? When did you even became so irresolute!” Xiao Yi had never felt that the Xuan Yuan Sword was so heavy before. Looking at his wife, “I can’t do it, I really can’t do it.”

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