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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 107 – Qing Ya has begun to become depraved 2/2 After finish eating, Ye Hua took the document from his office, then came to Qing Yutong’s room. As expected, Qing Ya was currently playing alone with a very serious look on her face. The result was not bad too, Qing Ya had actually survived up to top 15, the odds of her being able to eat chicken this round was very big. However, Ye Hua decided to let Qing Ya experience how it feels to get a black screen. Ye Hua absent-mindedly walked to the power cord and pulled onto the power cord with his leg. Qing Ya who was currently nervously playing the game became dazed. Why did the screen turn black? Turning her head around, she discovered that her man’s leg pulled onto the power cord. “Ye Hua!!!” “Oh, I accidentally pulled onto the power cord.” Ye Hua turned his head around and looked away from Qing Ya. “I’m going to fight it out with you!” Qing Ya straightforwardly jumped onto Ye Hua’s body, seemingly wanting to suffocate Ye Hua to death. “Now you know how it feels right?” This was the Supreme Overlord’s revenge. Little fist punching onto chest. Ye Hua took out the document and swayed it in front of Qing Ya, “Take a look at this.” “Humph~ What is this?” Qing Ya jumped off from Ye Hua and took over the document from Ye Hua. “Don’t think that I will forgive your action from a while ago just because you gave me something. You have to bring me eat chicken for an entire day today!” Qing Ya pouted her mouth and mumbled. However, when she saw the content on the document, she became completely stupefied. Qing Ya pointed towards the document, then pointed towards Ye Hua, she was astonished to the point that she couldn’t speak. Ye Hua sighed, to become this astonished from a small thing like this. After a while then did Qing Ya finally calmed down, “Ye Hua, Xiao Family paid us the money? Is this for real?” “If not, could this even be fake?” “But, it doesn’t make sense, there is no way that they would pay us the money.” “They were indeed not intending on paying up the money, therefore, I called someone to go and make them pay up. Fortunately, they were tactful and chose to pay up the money in the end.” Ye Hua sat at Qing Yutong’s bed and said with an indifferent tone. However, Ye Hua was suspected to be trying to brag, or commonly referred to as, trying to act cool. “You are acting cool again. However, for you to call someone to go and make them pay up, is that really fine? If there’s anything, just talk it out, don’t get into a fight okay?” Qing Ya asked with concern. Ye Hua laughed lightly, “Do I seem like that the type of person that would easily get into a fight?” “Ye Hua, in actuality, if you don’t act cool, I am rather quite fond of you.” “Qing Ya, in actuality, I like you more when you are on the bed.” “Go to hell, you hoodlum~” Qing Ya placed the document at the side, then squatted down and reinserted the power cord. Afterward, she actually began to try to eat chicken again. This caused Ye Hua to feel amazed, doesn’t this woman view money like her own life? Right now, shouldn’t she be changing her clothes, then leave the house to go and handle the procedures for the document? “Are you feeling very curious right now?” Qing Ya said faintly. “Indeed.” Qing Ya held onto her chin and said, “If my subordinates are not used to do work for me, what would I need my subordinates for?” Hearing that his own woman had this kind of realization, Ye Hua was very gratified. This woman has finally realized this point. “What are you still being in a daze for, come and duo with me.” I really shouldn’t have let her play the computer game. Zijin City’s Tang Family. Tang Wushuang’s expression was grave and he was smoking incessantly. The ashtray was currently filled with cigarette buds. Seems like Tang Wushuang did not sleep at all yesterday. “Wushuang, who would have thought that the Xuanyuan Sword actually landed into Brother Xiao’s hands.” Quan Anrong said gravely. Tang Wushaung sighed heavily, “That’s right. Back then when the Xuanyuan Sword first appeared, carnage happened. I didn’t expect that Brother Xiao actually kept me in the dark about the Xuanyuan Sword and managed to get hold of the Xuanyuan Sword by himself.” “Wushuang, do you have any thoughts towards the matter that happened last night?” “From the news that our scout sent to us, Brother Xiao won the fight, but it was a pyrrhic victory. Furthermore, after the fight, that person appeared at Xiao Manor again!” Tang Wushuang wasn’t able to understand just what was actually going on. According to logic, when that person went to Xiao Manor for the second time, that person should have killed Xiao Yi, but that person didn’t. Could it be that the person really left right after he had collected the money? Quan Anrong took out a document and placed it into her man’s hand, “Wushuang, bring this document and go see just what actually happened to Brother Xiao.” Tang Wushuang looked at the content on the document and wrinkled his brows deeply. “No matter what is said, that bet was betted by both you and Brother Xiao together. We are able to afford to lose this money.” After keeping the document, Tang Wushuang said gravely, “Anrong, are you also afraid of that man?” “That man is indeed formidable, we have to be careful when dealing with him.”

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