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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 108 – Ancient god item 1/2 “That’s right, if that black gown person was really called over by that man, just what is the identity of that man then?” Quan Anrong suggested, “Wushuang, you can find someone to go and probe that man out.” “Anrong, there will be other people who will be more curious about that man’s identity, we don't have to be the one to take the initiative.” Tang Wushuang was not a fool. Even Brother Xiao suffered a huge defeat from that man, therefore, I will have to be cautious when dealing with that man. “Husband is indeed smart. Quickly go and take a shower, then go and see just how are things going on with Brother Xiao.” “Alright!” Tang Wushuang let out a breath. After all is said and done, Brother Xiao did not die from the fight last night, and thus, this Zijin City will have to quiet down again. I suppose that many people are very disappointed with this result. Why didn’t the black gown person killed Brother Xiao, I really don’t get it. Right now, at Bai Family Castle, Wang Dabao and Bai Cixin had just finished doing their morning exercise, and Wang Dabao was currently hugging onto his woman with a comfortable expression on his face. Only Wang Dabao would dare to push down Bai Family’s woman, tsk, tsk, tsk… “Wife, was this 50 billion that was spent by us worth it or not?” Wang Dabao asked confusedly. Looking at last night’s situation, Xiao Yi was the one who won the battle. As for the black gown person that appeared once again later on, I’m not really clear about the details. Bai Cixin cuddled onto her husband and said faintly, “I can only say that it wasn’t bad.” “Then, are we going to go and take back the money?” Wang Dabao was trying to probe out his wife’s intentions, his guts has indeed become bigger. “Dabao, how about you go then and take back the money then?” Wang Dabao paused for a moment, then looked at the ceiling and said, “Eh… Do I, Wang Dabao, seem like the kind of person who cannot afford to lose? If I were to go and take back the money, how faceless would it be for me. Moreover, it’s fine if I threw my face, but it wouldn’t be good if I threw my wife’s face.” Bai Cixin laughed lightly, “You sure have a glib tongue.” Wang Dabao let out a breath of relief, it is fortunate that my desire for living is high. “Regarding the money, it can be put at the side first, for now, you have to go to the south to take control of the situation. Those rich merchants from Long’an City and Cloud Sect are searching for a treasure together, you have to pay a bit more attention to them.” Bai Cixin sat her body up, and her sexy body was immediately exposed within the air. This caused Wang Dabao to have his eyes open wide, my wife’s body doesn’t feel tired to look at even after looking at it for more than a hundred times. After wearing the thin nightclothes, Bai Cixin picked up the secret document on the table and took a look at it. While looking at the document, Bai Cixin wrinkled her brows. “Wife, what’s the matter?” Bai Cixin placed the document back onto the table, then walked to the window and looked towards the distant, “Dabao, you will have to prepare to head to the north later on, the treasure this time is not simple, we definitely have to find the treasure before them!” Wang Dabao wore his clothes and his face turned solemn, “Wife, just what is the treasure?” “An ancient god item!” Wang Dabao’s expression immediately changed as he mumbled, “When Xuan Yuan Sword appeared back then, the northern people fought for it crazily, resulting in countless deaths and injuries. After a few years had passed, another ancient god item actually appeared again!” “Dabao, Xuan Yuan Sword was snatched away by Xiao Yi, therefore, we definitely have to get our hands on the ancient god item this time!” Bai Cixin let out a breath, then turned around and helped her husband to tidy up his hair. Bai Family seemed very strong, but if they were to truly be compared to those ancient seclusion families and ancient sects, they were still lacking by a lot. Others had all went through the baptism of time, and their power accumulation was formidable, whereas for Bai Family, they were but lacking just one ancient god item. Once they possessed an ancient god item, they would be able to be on an equal footing with the other powers, and surpassing Xiao Family was just a matter of time. Wang Dabao held onto his wife’s willow waist, “Be at ease, isn’t is just one ancient god item? I will definitely bring it back and give it to my wife.” “Dabao, you have to be careful, since I have to stay here to keep things at place, I won't be able to give you any help.” Wang Dabao laughed heartily as he held onto Bai Cixin’s chin, “Wife, just wash yourself clean and wait for husband to return.” “You~ Being improper again~” Bai Cixin pinched onto her husband’s waist, and Wang Dabao carried his lovely wife and headed back to the bed. Seems like another workout was about to commence. The news where an ancient god item appeared at Long’an City immediately swept through all of China, and Long’an City’s rich merchants and Cloud Sect were greatly furious about it. Just who is the bastard who leaked the information! Actually, the ones who were the angriest were those rich merchants. Originally, they thought that there was only some ordinary treasure within the mountain range, and didn’t expect that there was also an ancient god item amongst those treasures. No wonder Cloud Sect was that courteous towards us, I finally know the reason now, this Cloud Sect sure is crafty! The entire south began to start surging again, and many people were heading towards Long’an City. Even if I can’t get the ancient god item, just looking at the ancient god item would do too. Moreover, what if I struck a big luck during this trip? The northern people also began to move, as people began to secretly enter into the south. After all, since the treasure appeared at the south this time, the sects and families of the north did not have the qualifications to meddle in it. Just like back when Xuan Yuan Sword appeared, the south did not meddle in it. However, just last night, a lot of people heard of Xuan Yuan Sword’s might, and found out that the strength of the Xuan Yuan Sword was indeed the same as the legends. And right now, a second ancient god item had appeared again, thus, how was the northern people able to even sit still? Without a question, a great turmoil was going to happen at the second-tier city, Long’an City!

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