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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 109 – Ah Li 1/2 “Good! Good! Good! Your wings have become hard now huh? If you have the capability, don’t come back home for your entire life!” On the other side of the phone, Qing Huaxuan was practically shouting out with an angry tone. “I won’t come back then!” Qing Ya was the kind that was amenable to coaxing but not coercion. The more that it was like this, the more Qing Ya would resist back. After hanging up the phone, Qing Ya’s mood became a bit bad. If I compare dad with Ye Hua, I suddenly discovered that Ye Hua is much better. At the least, Ye Hua doesn’t berate me because of other people. After adjusting her mentality, Qing Ya walked to her sister’s room, “What do you want to eat, my treat.” “Kentucky Fried Chicken.” “Kentucky Fried Chicken Family Bucket~” Qing Yutong raised her hand and said with a smile. Qing Ya shook her head, these two are practically children… No matter what, I am also someone who has a net worth of a hundred billion rmb, and yet you two actually want to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken, thumbs up to the two of you. Seeing that her big sister was done with ordering the food, Qing Yutong blinked her beautiful eyes and said, “Brother-in-law, big sister, how about we play one round?” “I was intending on doing that.” Ye Hua said faintly. “Sure thing.” The three immediately went online, and of course, they queued for 4-man squad, thus they would be playing with one stranger in their team. The aloof Ye Hua and Qing Ya would always remain silent, and only Qing Yutong would chatter continuously and tease the other person in the team. This time, it was no exception too. This round was the desert map. The three appeared at the waiting area in no time, and Qing Yutong was already itching to begin teasing the other person. “Little brother? Little sister?” Qing Yutong shouted out lovably. If the player is a male, he would definitely become my level 4 backpack. Even brother-in-law also has big sister to act as his level 4 backpack, thus, I naturally also want a level 4 backpack for myself. After waiting for 10+ seconds and seeing that there was no response from the other player, Qing Yutong thought to herself, “Something is wrong, could it be that this person is a female?” “Little brother, do you have a mic?” Qing Yutong asked. Finally, the stranger replied, just that, the words that the stranger spoke caused Qing Yutong’s face to turn black… “Hello aunt…” Both Ye Hua and Qing Ya were wearing their earphones, thus they were also able to hear the stranger’s voice. The both of them felt that the stranger was most likely a little girl. Ye Hua sighed, this has truly complied with that sentence, you will always never know just who is your teammate. It was already a huge disadvantage for me to have to bring along two level 4 bags, and right now, there is another burden… Qing Yutong took in huge breaths, this little fellow actually called me aunt! Aunt! My god, I am still just a young maiden! “Little friend, I am not aunt, I am big sister.” Qing Yutong’s smile was very forced. A slight trace of arc appeared on the corner of the mouth of both Qing Ya’s and Ye Hua’s, we are finally able to witness Qing Yutong getting teased instead. “Mother said that, only those children whose age is close to Ah Li can be called big brother and big sister. Aunt, your voice is so pleasant sounding, and sounds more or less the same as mother’s voice, therefore, you are definitely much much older than Ah Li.” A few black lines immediately appeared on Qing Yutong’s brows, especially when she heard the words, ‘much much older’. This child is making it seem like I am like an old witch. However, this fellow is not bad, to know how to bootlick me and say that my voice sounds pleasant. “Little fellow, how old are you? To actually be playing computer game right now, have you finished doing your homework?” Seeing that she was not able to win the child, Qing Yutong began to use her age to bully the child. “Ah Li has already completed all the homework that mother assigned to me. Aunt, don't you need to go to work? I heard that adults who don’t go to work are no different from a salted fish.” The young and tender voice of a little girl rang out from the earphone. Qing Yutong has run into an opponent, a fordable opponent at that. Both Ye Hua and Qing Ya took a look at each other, both of them were not working right now. Qing Yutong coughed lightly to express her awkwardness. In actuality, Qing Yutong was feeling completely not good right now, “Little fellow, aunt’s occupation is special. And you still haven’t told me your age.” “Ah Li is three years old this year.” The three immediately became dazed, this child is actually a three years old child. Qing Yutong was feeling very sullen right now, I actually got bullied by a three years old child. However, since she is three years old, it is normal for her to call me aunt. It feels so painful, to get called as aunt by someone…

Translator: Wigglegui



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