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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 109 – Ah Li 2/2 Qing Yutong asked very curiously, “Where is your mommy?” “Mother went out.” “Why do you call your mom as mother? Don’t you call her as mommy or mom?” “Ah Li don’t know why too.” “What about your dad?” “Mother said that father has already died…” The little fellow’s tone immediately became downcast. Qing Ya ruthlessly took a glare at her sister, why are you bullying a little child. “Ah Li, I’m sorry.” “Aunt, it’s fine, Ah Li is already used to it.” Although the little girl said it very effortlessly, the three were still able to hear that her tone was very downcast. Qing Ya subconsciously rubbed onto her stomach… Qing Yutong pat onto her chest, “Ah Li, be at ease, aunt will bring you to eat chicken.” “is aunt very formidable?” “Of course, aunt is a sailor moon, I can knock down everything in minutes.” “That’s great. Are the other two also aunt’s friends?” Ah Li asked. Qing Yutong grinned, “That’s right, the both of them are very aloof, they won’t even speak.” “Uncle and aunt are aloof? My mother is the same too, other people are all afraid of her.” Ah Li said softly, seemingly afraid of letting other people hear what she just said. Qing Ya sighed, thanks to my sister, I have also become an aunt. Very quickly, they entered into the plane, and the four were preparing to jump. Qing Yutong began to give orders, “Let’s land at a place that has very little people and humbly survive till we win.” “Aunt, why do we have to jump at a place that has very little people? When Ah Li plays solo, Ah Li would always land at the boxing ring.” Ye Hua, “……” Qing Ya, “……” Qing Yutong, “……” To actually ask us why we chose to land at a place that has very little people, is there even a need to ask that question? The answer is obviously because we are noob, and we are preparing to try to survive all the way until we win. However, as the elders, how could they be looked down upon by a child? Qing Yutong said gravely, “Isn’t it all because that aunt is afraid of Ah Li getting injured? That’s why aunt chose to land at a place that has very little people.” “Aunt, be at ease, Ah Li often eats chicken in this game.” Ye Hua, “……” Qing Ya, “……” Qing Yutong, “……” Qin Yutong was feeling very hurt. Secretly taking a look at her brother-in-law and big sister, she discovered that their expression was the same too, so tragic… Ye Hua decided that he was going to bring them to eat chicken in this round. This way, I would be able to show them just how strong a Supreme Overlord truly is. If I am not able to bring them to eat chicken in this round, then I will… I will… I will quit smoking for an hour! The four of them jumped towards the boxing ring. There were quite a lot of people who jumped towards the wrestling ring, and furthermore, there were even two full squads who landed at the wrestling ring. Ye Hua absolutely had to show off his true strength, so that he would be able to let them know just was the true meaning of expert! However, there was a problem, there was actually no gun at all in the entire boxing ring! He wasn’t even able to find a frying pan in the boxing ring! In actuality, Ye Hua had met with this kind of situation quite a few times, but he didn’t really mind it when he encountered this kind of situation back then. However, the situation today was different, how could there not be any gun! At the same time, at a red building near the boxing ring, one of the rooms was filled with items. M4, 98K, level 3 helmet, level 3 armor, all kinds of bullets and medicines. “F**k! What kind of luck does this streamer has, to actually run into such a loot the moment he opened a door!” “Brother, it must be your first time watching this streamer I suppose. Let me tell you, this streamer is really not hacking.” “In any case, I’m already prostrating before this streamer’s luck. If the airdrop doesn’t land on his face, it would mean that he had really begun to start hacking.” It could be seen that, the streamer began to pick up the items, then began to clear the other players that were in the red building. This was too shameless, to have full items right after he jumped off the plane… and yet, some other people don’t even have a frying pan at all.

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