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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 111 – Old acquaintance 1/2 However, that little girl from just now is indeed formidable, I will admit that. Just that, these two foolish women, is it even that funny? I am only not willing to cheat, if not… “Aiyo, when will my little nephew come out, at that time, he can bring his mom and aunt to eat chicken.” Qing Yutong caressed onto her big sister’s stomach and said with a grin. Qing Ya revealed out an exceptionally beautiful smile, “If the little fellow is as obedient as that little girl from just now, it would be great. I hope that he won't be like his dad.” “What are you talking about, my child ought to be like me.” Ye Hua said gravely. Qing Ya snorted, “Seeing on the sake that you are so pitiful, I won’t argue with you.” At this time, the food delivery had also arrived. After Ye Hua ate his spicy chicken burger, he went downstairs, and the sisters remained silent while smiling. After all, he was defeated by a three years old child, it was indeed very tragic. Walking to the bar counter downstairs, Ye Hua mixed a glass of liquor that he likes, then lighted up a stick of cigarette. Taking a puff of cigarette, then drinking a mouth of liquor, this is practically what life is, all the vexing matters would immediately disappear right after that. With the liquor and cigarette, Ye Hu sat on the chair and slowly got lost in his own thoughts, being unequaled sure feels empty… Even if I win, it also wouldn’t able to make me feel delighted. In the past, there were still at least enemies who were evenly matched against me, and even enemies who were stronger than me. The excitement that I felt during those battles, just how great did it felt, but right now… I really sort of miss my previous enemies, and also those overlords who formed a group to eliminate me. I wonder if they are doing well or not right now. If they are doing too well, I will have to find some time to make their lives turn into hell. Since I got defeated by a little girl, my anger will have no choice but to be released on you all, if you all want to blame, go and blame Little Ah Li then. While lost in his own thoughts, Ye Hua fell asleep. Not sure how long had passed, a sound rang out at Ye Hua’s ears. “Your Honor? Your Honor?” Ye Hua wrinkled his brows and discovered that Wei Chang was standing beside him. Letting out a breath, Ye Hua sat his body up, then lighted up a cigarette and looked at the time, “Why are you here? It’s only 5 pm right now.” “Your Honor, my date with Xiao Tang ended just a while ago. And since it's already 5 pm, I decided to not head back home and just come here straight away.” While standing at the side with his back arched, Wei Chang said respectfully. Ye Hua stood up and picked up the cigarette box on the table, “Did you pushed her over?” “Eh… Subordinate feels that this matter has to be dealt with cautiously.” Yea Hua nodded his head, “Not bad, finally know how to think about things.” “Thank you Your Honor for the praise.” Wei Chang smiled. Just how much of an honor is it to be able to receive His Honor’s praise, Xiao Tang is truly my lucky star. While smoking, Ye Hua was prepared to head upstairs. However, right when he stepped onto the staircase, he seemed to have recalled of something as he shouted out, “Wei Chang, come over, I have something to ask you.” Wei Chang ran over, “Your Honor, what is it that you want to ask of me?” Ye Hua leaned on the staircase protective railing and asked with his brows wrinkled, “Do you still remember that woman from three years ago?” “Three years ago?" Wei Chang mumbled. “Why did Your Honor suddenly ask about this?” Wei Chang asked curiously. Ye Hua exhaled out a mouth of smoke, “Nothing much, just suddenly thought of it.” “Your Honor, this is classified as reminiscing an old acquaintance, your humanity is improving yet again, subordinate congratulates Your Honor.” After pausing for a moment, Wei Chang continued, “Compared to Your Honor’s first woman, the madam can be considered to be much more fortunate.” Ye Hua’s interest was piqued, and he decided to just sit at the side and listen to his subordinate’s analysis.

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