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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 112 – The madam and His Honor are both the same 1/2 “Yutong, let’s play one last round?” Qing Ya was unwilling to admit defeat. “En, last round.” Qing Yutong belonged to the kind that would accompany one to the end, she would even be fine with playing all night. Last round again, Ye Hua has heard the two saying ‘last round’ countless times already. I really cannot endure it anymore, no matter how childish it is, I am still going to do it today! “Ye Hua!” “Brother-in-law, how could you do that…” After pulling out the power cord, Ye Hua’s face became relaxed, “Even if you don’t want to eat, the child still has to eat!” “Didn’t I say that this was the last round? You sure are petty.” Qing Ya pouted her mouth and returned to her room to change her clothes. After all, she can’t leave the house while wearing her nightclothes right? Qing Yutong looked at her brother-in-law and said lovably, “Brother-in-law, are you still not going to leave? Could it be that, you want to watch your sister-in-law change her clothes?” Ye Hua took a look at Qing Yutong, and Qing Yutong immediately covered her chest with both her hands and said shyly, “Brother-in-law, big sister is still in the house, don’t look at people like this~” “Your looks are pretty good.” “Naturally.” “Just that, you are a bit stupid.” “Brother-in-law, you……” Ye Hua turned around and left. After the sister-in-law returned, there was now a bit more merriness within this household. Qing Yutong who was in the room stomped her foot, then mumbled, “How am I stupid!” “Master, you are indeed a bit stupid.” “You are the one who is stupid, you are the most stupid system within all the systems.” “Master should understand the saying of a person changes depending on who they mix around with." “Alright! All of you are bullying me now, I will remember this.” “Master, you better write it down in a notebook, I’m afraid that you would forget about what you just said.” Qing Yutong clicked her tongue, don’t bring up my black history. After Qing Ya changed her clothes, she said towards Ye Hua, “You go and change your clothes too. It’s summer right now and you are still wearing a western suit, where is the short sleeve shirt from yesterday?” “It looks very childish to wear.” “Don’t be pesky, go and change into the short sleeve shirt.” Right now, Qing Ya did not want Ye Hua to look too stylish, to avoid some wild bees who are not afraid of death to come flying to Ye Hua. Qing Ya walked downstairs, and discovered that Leisure Bar was about to open for business, and everyone was currently getting busy. “Madam.” Wei Chang walked over and shouted out respectfully. Qing Ya smiled tenderly, “Wei Chang, what is it?” Wei Chang took a look at Tang Wei who was currently wiping onto a table and said with a low voice, "Madam, Wei Chang has a matter that he wants to request of you.” “Oh? What is it? If I’m able to help, I will definitely help you.” Qing Ya smiled. Wei Chang said respectfully, “Actually, it is nothing big too. Madam should know that subordinate is currently going out with Xiao Tang right?” Qing Ya went into a daze, this Wei Chang, calling himself subordinate, it sounds so strange. However, after associating it with Ye Hua’s identity, she became relieved. He should be Ye Hua’s underling right? Which means that he is also my underling now. When my husband’s underling is facing a difficult situation, I naturally have to help out. “I know, didn’t you already say that last time? Is it that Ye Hua is too stingy? I will go and talk to him about it.” Upon recalling that, in the past, Ye Hua used to buy things with Wei Chang's pay, Qing Ya felt helpless about it. Wei Chang was greatly startled, I did not say that His Honor is stingy, “Madam has misunderstood, subordinate is not talking about this matter.” “Then what is it?” “Subordinate has been dating Xiao Tang, and right now, subordinate feels that subordinate’s relationship with Xiao Tang can be moved one step further. However, subordinate does not know how to go about it.” Wei Chang was very embarrassed. If I asked others, I would feel that it is very faceless for me. But, asking His Honor is practically the same as not asking. Therefore, I can only ask madam about this. In actuality, for Wei Chang to ask Qing Ya about this, it was also practically the same as not asking. After all, Qing Ya was a beginner in this aspect too. It was the first time that Qing Ya had come across this kind of question, and right now, she still hasn't clearly understood what Wei Chang was talking about. “Moved one step further? One step further to where?” Qing Ya asked. Wei Chang let out a breath, then asked with a low voice, “What I’m saying is, reproducing offsprings.” Pfft… Reproducing offsprings. These two words gave Qing Ya a shock. Wei Chang’s usage of words was too close-fitting. Qing Ya paused for a moment. This question is a bit difficult. Thinking back to my own experiences, it seems like there weren’t any procedures too, all that happened was Ye Hua pushing me over, then everything after that followed by naturally. With that, standing from Ye Hua’s viewpoint, I can summarize a strategy for Wei Chang. With an experienced look on her face, Qing Ya said, “Wei Chang, as a man, you have to be a bit more initiative, just straightforwardly push over your girlfriend will do.” Wei Chang who had a face filled with anticipation immediately froze. His Honor was like this, and yet, even the madam also gave me the same answer. The both of them are really not romantic at all, just take a look at idol dramas, that romantic atmosphere within those idol dramas… Seems like His Honor and the madam are both unromantic, both of them just heads straight to the main subject. I, Wei Chang, am a man who is romantic, how can I be that casual with this matter? Seems like, regarding this matter, I can only rely on myself. “Thank you madam for the pointers.” Qing Ya was really not used to this kind of behavior, do people in the cultivation world all talk like this? My goosebumps are all coming out.

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