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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 112 – The madam and His Honor are both the same 2/2 “Big sister, what are you two chatting about?” Qing Yutong hopped and jumped down the stairs. When Qing Ya saw her sister’s face, she became embarrassed, do you feel that happy when you dress up as me? Wei Chang arched his back, which was counted as him giving his greetings. Afterward, Wei Chang retreated. Qing Ya’s brows were wrinkled, “Why are you dressing up as me again?” “Because big sister is pretty~” Qing Yutong held onto Qing Ya’s arm and said with a beaming smile. What Qing Yutong said was correct, but towards her sister’s reply, Qing Ya replied with just a snort. Without long, Ye Hua came downstairs. It was still the first time that Qing Yutong had seen her brother-in-law wore a short sleeve shirt, upon seeing Ye Hua was wearing a short sleeve shirt, Qing Yutong teased, “Brother-in-law, you are so childish~” Ye Hua took a glare at Qing Ya, my image is all gone because of you. Qing Ya walked over with a smile and held onto her husband’s arm, “Alright, let’s go and eat steamboat.” Qing Yutong immediately held onto her brother-in-law’s other arm, “Alright~ Let’s go and eat steamboat~” “Qing Yutong! What are you doing!” “What do you mean what am I doing? Big sister, don’t you know that holding onto a person's arm is just an etiquette? Big sister, you are out of touch already.” Ye Hua would naturally grab onto the chance to take revenge, “You are indeed out of touch.” “Both of you just wait!” The three walked out of the bar while chattering with each other. Wei Chang looked at his His Honor, and thought to himself, “His Honor has truly changed a lot, and it is all thanks to the madam.” At this moment, Tang Wei walked over unhurriedly and called out tenderly, “Uncle Wei~” “Xiao Tang, what’s the matter?” “Uncle Wei, my house’s lightbulb spoiled.” “Lightbulb spoiled? That’s fine, after we get off work, Uncle Wei will go to your house and help you fix it.” “Eh… alright.” Leaving the bar and walking out of the alley, there was a steamboat store not far away. The steamboat store was called Song Prince Mansion Steamboat Store. The two words ‘Prince Mansion’ was not named for nothing. In the past, only nobles would be able to afford to eat in the store. And right now, everyone was able to experience for themselves the delicious food that only the nobles were able to afford to eat in the past. It was fortunate that Ye Hua and the two left the bar early, if they arrived at the steamboat store a bit later, they would have to queue up outside. And even if it was like this, all of the private rooms had already been occupied, and they were only able to eat in the hall. If it was based on Ye Hua’s behavior in the past, he would definitely not be willing to sit in the hall, since it would devalue his identity. However, it was different now. After all, compared to just sitting in the hall, he had already done things that devalued his identity even more. For example, when he bought a Chinese crepe, for the purpose of adding one more egg, he was even able to argue with an aunt for half a day. The plot went like this. “Add an additional egg for me.” “One egg is 2 rmb.” “I have to pay extra if I want an additional egg?! For me to eat at your store, you should feel honored!!” “Young fellow, for you to be able to eat my Chinese crepe, you should be the one to feel honored instead.” Ye Hua expressed he was unwilling to accept defeat, and after half an hour of senseless dispute, the aunt said in the end, “Don’t think that just because you are handsome, you can do whatever you want. There was a time where even aunt was beautiful too.” Ye Hua almost flipped out, but in the end, he restrained himself. I won’t argue with you since you are just a mere aunt. Ye Hua took a bite of the Chinese crepe. This Chinese crepe is actually rather delicious.

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