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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 113 – Little brother, are you okay? 1/2 After the three sat down, they immediately became the focal point of the entire hall. This man, bringing along such beautiful twins with him, this man practically has no humanity, and furthermore, the twins are just too f**king beautiful! Qing Yutong picked up the menu and mumbled, “This store’s main dishes are top quality beef slices, prawn paste, overlord tripe... Just listening to the name of these dishes is enough to make my saliva drip.” “Order whatever you want, big sister’s treat.” Qing Ya was very generous. No matter what, I am after all someone who is poor to the point that I have nothing but money left. Qing Yutong rolled her eyes at her big sister, “Even if I eat in this store for my entire life, I also wouldn’t be able to spend finish all your money.” “Yutong, since you are done with shooting for the advertisement poster, if you still intend to stay at your brother-in-law’s place, you will have to start paying living expenses.” “Big sister, why are you the same as brother-in-law, so petty.” Qing Yutong pouted her little mouth. You have so much money and yet you still want to collect living expenses from me. Ye Hua was basically shot while lying down, “When have I ever been petty!” “Are you saying you are not petty? Brother-in-law, if you are not petty, take out the meat that you brought out on that day and let me eat it.” “The meat can only be eaten once a week.” Ye Hua said faintly. “I don’t want to eat it once a week, I want to eat it every day~” The customers who were sitting in the hall, when they heard Qing Yutong’s complaints, they almost flipped their table. I cannot endure it anymore! The sister-in-law wants to eat meat, and yet, as the brother-in-law, the guy actually said that she is only allowed to eat it once a day. And even yet, the sister-in-law was not satisfied with eating the meat once a week, and she wants to eat the meat every day! And the important point is that, that big sister is just sitting there and remaining silent while smiling. How can they fool around like this! Damn it, where is my Italy cannon at, I am going to bombard these two who are showing off their affection in public! Ye Hua said faintly, “I’m not giving.” As expected! The sounds of chopsticks snapping in half rang out in the surroundings. The sister-in-law is sexually unsatisfied, and yet, as the brother-in-law, he is not giving it to the sister-in-law. Let go of the sister-in-law and let me take over! However, although they were feeling indignant, when they saw that man who had an indifferent look on his face… Damn it, this man simply has no humanity at all. I want to ask, how could a person even be able to resist the enticement of such a beautiful sister-in-law? In actuality, Ye Hua wants to express that, as long as you are hugged onto a woman like Qing Ya every night when you sleep, you would naturally be able to gain immunity towards such enticement. Some people did not start out at the starting line, and instead, they started out at the finish point. Right when the three were waiting for their food to be served, a boy suddenly ran into the steamboat store, and after looking around for a bit, the boy headed straight to a table that was not far away from Ye Hua's table. At the table that the boy headed to, there was a male and female sitting there. Qing Yutong said sneakily, “From what I see, this boy is definitely here to catch an adultery.” “How do you know that? Ye Hua asked faintly. Qing Yutong pointed outside, “Just now, I saw that he arrived here by riding a bicycle.” Right after Qing Yutong’s finished what she said, at the table not far away, the sound of the boy shouting rang out, “You! Why are you treating me like this! I used my bicycle to fetch you for three years! And yet, when this man fetched you with his Ferrari for just three days! You want to break up with me! Do you think it’s fair for me!” The girl apologized, “I’m sorry. Actually, during the first day he fetched me, I already…” The boy held onto his chest and retreated backward helplessly. I didn’t expect that I had overestimated myself, so in the end, there was no need for three days, just one day was enough! Ye Hua who had witnessed what happened said faintly, “The story of Snow White told us one thing, which was that, seven losers cannot be compared to a kiss of a Mr Perfect.” Qing Ya rolled her eyes at Ye Hua, “Humph, humph, what can I be described as then.” “I can only say that, you have good taste.” Ye Hua said faintly. “Narcissistic.” “Brother-in-law, you have watched Snow White before too?” Upon talking about an animated film, Qing Yutong’s interest was immediately piqued. Ye Hua said faintly, “Watched before. It was too realistic, thus, I didn’t watch it again after watching it once.”

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