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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 114 – A storm is surging 1/2 Not only the girl, everyone who heard it also went into a daze. So it was not a matter of money, it was because the boy was really short… The boy couldn’t endure it anymore and began crying tears of sadness. This is even more painful than breaking up. I originally thought that she was vain, but it turns out that she was not, she was just unsatisfied with me… and furthermore, she even said it out loud… Qing Yutong seemed like she had realized something. While feeling a bit awkward, she said while stammering, “That… Don’t feel too discouraged. Think of those men who have erectile dysfunction, don’t you immediately feel better after thinking about that?” Immediately, the expressions of a few middle-aged men froze. The boy seemed like he had been struck by lightning. My girlfriend left me for a Mr Perfect, and furthermore, she didn’t leave me because of money. This is a man’s humiliation. Furthermore, not only was I exposed, but I was also even ‘saved’ by a ‘kind-hearted’ beautiful lady. I originally thought that it was already despairing enough, but I didn’t expect that I have underestimated just how despairing the despair would be. The boy held onto his face and ran away with all his might. The boy was even more wounded than when he first entered the store. “Eh… Excuse me.” Qing Yutong turned her head around and walked back to her table. Originally, I wanted to stick out for the boy. But in the end, it turns out that the boy has some problem with his hard drive, the boy is so tragic. Returning back to her seat, Qing Yutong’s pretty face was slightly red, appearing incomparably beautiful. However, within Qing Yutong’s beauty, there was a little bit of stupidity in it. On the other hand, Qing Ya was different, her beauty was grandeur. “Feeling embarrassed now huh? What are you even worrying about others’ family affairs for.” Qing Ya reprimanded, this sister of mine, only knows how to create trouble. Qing Yutong pouted her cherry lips, “I am just trying to help others out.” “You are not helping, what you are doing is just stabbing them in their backs with a knife.” Ye Hua added. “What Ye Hua said is right. Can you change this temper of yours?” Qing Ya poked onto her sister’s forehead petulantly, and the latter rubbed onto her forehead pitifully. “Humph~ In any case, you two are basically joining hands to bully me this single dog.” Qing Yutong could only take out her resentment on the food, causing herself to seem like she had not eaten for a few days, and causing others in the hall to become dazed when they looked at her. A beautiful woman is indeed a beautiful woman, even when she eats like this, she still looks beautiful, beautifully bold and unconstrained! Qing Ya was different, she was grandeur and graceful. Qing Ya had to help Ye Hua this big boss to cook his food, and it seems like this was already a habit that she had formed. On the other hand, all Ye Hua had to do was eat the food that Qing Ya cooked for him. Not bad, not bad, Qing Ya still hasn’t deviate from my aspiration. While the three were busy eating steamboat, the surrounding customers left, and another batch of customers entered. Just that, this batch of customers made both Ye Hua and Qing Yutong felt a little bit curious. Why did so many cultivators suddenly appeared. Or perhaps, they were ability power users, or ancient martialists. In the end, who even knows? In any case, within Ye Hua’s eyes, they were but just humans. But just a bunch of slightly higher-grade humans. Sitting at their side were four middle-aged men, and currently, the four middle-aged men were discussing something with each other in high spirits. “I heard that a lot of disciples from various southern sects came to Long’an City.” “Not only sect disciples, people from the ancient martial families, ability power world, and cultivation world will more or less all come over to Long’an City within these two days.” “I wonder if the north will meddle in this matter. If they do meddle in this matter, it would most likely be another bloody battle.” “The people of the north dare?! Back then when the ancient godly item appeared, didn’t we southern people not meddle in it!” “How would us small characters even be able to know how what happened behind the scenes. Even if some southern people did meddle in the previous ancient godly item that appeared in the north, we wouldn't have been able to know about it.” “Ancient godly item, just listening to the name is enough to make me feel excited. Not sure just what kind of anciently god item would appear this time. Would it be a weapon, equipment, or magical tool?” “Do you all know? I heard that Xiao Yi won a pyrrhic victory last night, and it was even under the circumstance that he took out the Xuan Yuan Sword. The battle site seemed as if Judgement Day had descended.” “Who even knows what kind of formidable people Xiao Family’s family head had provoked. Luckily, Xiao Yi wasn’t killed, if not, the north would have been in a disorder.” “I even heard that Nangong Xinyi declared that Xiao Yi was going to recuperate at home, and the ownership of a few companies that were under Dragon God Corporation had been transferred. This was told to me by a brother of mine who is a higher-up within Dragon God Corporation. I’m absolutely sure that there is an astonishing big secret within these matters.” “Sigh, isn’t the world of the rich still the same no matter what? Xiao Family’s family head is definitely living blissfully every day.” “Do you think that the people who have money would be living as happy as you imagined? No, you are wrong, the happiness of the rich, it is something that you cannot imagine at all.” When Ye Hua, Qing Ya, and Qing Yutong heard the last sentence, they felt that it made a lot of sense. All of you are totally not able to imagine that, the world of the rich would be that, ordering food deliveries every day, and trying to eat chicken after waking up.

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