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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 115 – The game still hasn’t begun, all of you, don’t die yet! 1/2 Returning back to Leisure Bar, it was about to be 10 pm. However, right after Ye Hua walked into the bar, he felt that the business was pretty good today, almost all of the seats were occupied, just that, most of the people that were on the seats were men, and there were very few women. The situation was very different from how it was like in the past. “You two go up first.” Ye Hua said faintly. “Brother-in-law, what are you planning to do, bring me along with you to have fun~” Qing Ya pulled onto her sister and said with disdain, “What else can he do, he is definitely planning to act cool again. Let’s go upstairs and eat chicken together. See if Little Ah Li is online or not, Little Ah Li is much more reliable compared to him.” Listening to his own woman talking about Little Ah Li again, Ye Hua’s mood immediately turned bad, to get carried by a child to eat chicken… You all totally do not know that, if I were to release my true strength, even if I myself would feel afraid! Right now, I am just playing around with the constitution of an ordinary human, and I am just not willing to cheat. However, Little Ah Li is definitely cheating. If she was my child, I would definitely beat her butt! To actually have to cheat when you are playing a computer game with humans, humiliating! Walking into the bar counter, under others’ peculiar gazes, Ye Hua mixed a completely black color alcoholic drink for himself. The alcoholic drink looked just like cola. Alright, in actuality, it was indeed cola… What was different was that, there was alcohol in the cola. Holding onto this glass of special cola, Ye Hua sat at the empty seat that was at the side and began sizing up everyone. Very evidently, some of those people that were in the bar were not ordinary people. “Your Honor!” Wei Chang walked over unhurriedly. “Call Lie Gu over, I have a matter that I want to talk about.” “Yes!” Five seconds later, a handsome little boy who was wearing a school uniform walked into the bar. The handsome little boy’s face was brimming with strong confidence. However, when the handsome little boy saw Ye Hua, his face immediately turned into a humble smile. “Your Honor~” Lie Gu called out. Ye Hua sized up Lie Gu for a bit, then wrinkled his brow and said, “What have you been up to again recently?” “Subordinate have been complying with Your Honor’s orders and have been going around experiencing humanity. Studying is also a very good way to experience humanity.” Lie Gu said in a low voice, evidently lacking a bit of confidence with what he said. Wei Chang added, “The reason Lie Gu went to school is just because he wanted to expand his harem.” “Gluttonous Monster, you are wrong here, what I am doing is just honest dating.” Wei Chang laughed lightly, “Only after a few days of attending school, you got into fights, and even fought over female students. As your father, it is really giving me a headache.” “What do you mean by that?” Ye Hua asked curiously. Wei Chang said, “Your Honor, since Lie Gu got into a fight right after only few days of attending school, wouldn’t the school have to call the student’s parents? Subordinate and Xiao Tang just so happened to be on a date together at that time, and thus, we went to the school and pretended as Lie Gu’s parents.” “Haha!!!” Ye Hua laughed. Lie Gu said while panting with rage, “I swear, I will withdraw from the school tomorrow, this is meaningless!” Ye Hua coughed lightly, “Whatever you want to do. However, the matter that I wanted to talk about is that, in a few days later, let’s all go on an outing together. It has been five years already, and we have yet to go out together. Thinking back to the past…” Wei Chang’s and Lie Gu’s expression changed, they knew that Ye Hua was thinking back to the memories in the past. Back then when the eight of us traveled to every corners of the world and made our evil reputation spread throughout the world, just how great did it felt. His Honor has been staying at this small bar for five years already. And before the madam appeared, His Honor didn’t even bother leaving the bar. Only after the madam appeared, then did His Honor began to bother to leave the bar from time to time. Right now, His Honor even has the thought of going out together, I feel so truly touched. “Your Honor…” "Your Honor…” In actuality, both Wei Chang and Lie Gu understood that Ye Hua definitely missed the other five sins very much. In actuality, it is not that His Honor does not want to go and find the other five sins, it is just that His Honor is afraid that he would feel disappointed when he found them. Ye Hua took out a stick of cigarette and lighted it up, “Recently, there has been quite a lot of people coming over to Long’an City. Those people are all here for something called Ancient Godly Item. For this coming outing, on one hand, it would be for relaxing, and on the other hand, it is also for the sake of seeing just what thing is this Ancient Godly Item supposed to be.” Lie Gu’s face turned cold, “Your Honor, since they are all gathering together, how about we take this chance to kill all of them in one go.” Wei Chang stretched out his hand and knocked onto Lie Gu’s head, “Do you think that His Honor is still the same as he is back in the past!” “Subordinate knows his wrong.” Ye Hua picked up the glass of alcohol and took a sip, then said faintly, “Instead of us killing them, we might as well let them massacre one another instead.” “Your Honor is brilliant!” “Your Honor is brilliant!” Both Wei Chang and Lie Gu thought of something. If His Honor had this kind of brain back then, there was no way that we could have been eliminated, and His Honor would have long played those humans around in his palm.

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