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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 115 – The game still hasn’t begun, all of you, don’t die yet! 2/2 “Bang!” The sound of wine glass shattering rang out. A man could be seen standing up and shouting, “F**k, what kind of garbage music is this, put on some high energy music for me!” Ye Hua silently took a look at that table, then stood up and said faintly, “Both of you, take care of those people, they most likely came here for the sake of trying to probe us out. Don’t be too ruthless when dealing with those people, if you two deal with them too ruthlessly, we won’t be able to have a chance to play around with those people anymore in the future.” “Understood!” “Understood!” Ye Hua walked upstairs unhurriedly. When I entered into the bar just now, I immediately felt that it was strange. Thinking back to what happened last night, I’m guessing that those people are sent by some other people to try and probe us out. If that’s the case, I will go ahead and play with them. Instead of killing, it’s much more satisfying to see those looks of astonishment on their faces or those looks of disbelief on their faces! This was a kind of ascension. Ye Hua’s hands were already filled with the blood of countless amount of humans. Killing could no longer give Ye Hua any joy. Playing those humans in his palm, and enjoying the looks of astonishment on their faces, only this kind of feeling was able to trigger a trace of billow within Ye Hua’s heart. No matter was it Xiao Yi, or was it Long Aotian, Ye Hua was waiting for them to grow stronger. When they felt that they were strong enough, they would then discover that, their despair had only just begun! Wei Chang and Lie Gu looked at Ye Hua’s imposing back, and couldn’t help but worship Ye Hua in their heart. His Honor has become more and more human-like. I believe that, don’t need too long, when the seven sins are all assembled, we will head back! And when we head back, we will play those complacent Overlords within our palms. That will be much more satisfying than just killing them straight away! “Gluttonous monster, how about we have a contest with each other?" Wei Chang smiled, “Contest in what?" “Don’t humans like to act cool? We will a contest on who would be able to act the coolest." Lie Gu grinned, revealing out his white teeth. “Sure, but don’t mess up His Honor’s plan. If everyone was to become afraid of us, His Honor would definitely stew you.” Lie Gu scratched onto the back of his head, “His Honor has been saying that he would stew me for hundreds of years already, but only thunder would rumble, and rain wouldn’t fall.” “Oh? How about I help you pass what you just said to His Honor then?” “Aiyo, I’m just joking around. Look at you, to actually take what I said seriously, tsk, tsk, tsk…” Leisure Bar was a bit in a disorder right now. Some security guards went over to try to stop the man, however, how would the security guards be a match for the man? The security guards were immediately pushed onto the floor by the man. “People who are of no significance, scram, if not, be prepared to bear the consequences!” The man shouted out arrogantly. This shout was indeed useful, after the shout, all of the ordinary people that were in the bar left the bar. However, half of the people that were in the bar did not leave, and the man also did not continue on shouting out arrogantly, evidently aware of what was going on with those who chose to continue to stay in the bar. “Hey! How can you act like this! This is a leisure bar, if you want to go disco dancing, go to other bars instead.” Tang Wei could be seen suddenly rushing out to the man, and said while standing in front of the man. The man was 2 meters tall, and Tang Wei was only 1.65 meters tall. The obvious comparison made others felt that Tang Wei seemed just like a little doll. “Gluttonous Monster, this girlfriend of yours has quite the personality.” Lie Gu rubbed onto Wei Chang’s shoulder and laughed. Wei Chang looked at his girlfriend and laughed, “En, Xiao Tang indeed has quite the personality. Although she seems gentle and delicate on the outside, she is filled with courage on the inside.” “Your girlfriend is about to be bullied, as the boyfriend, aren’t you going to step out?” Lie Gu asked curiously. While looking at the beautiful figure, a black light began flickering within Wei Chang's eyes, “Xiao Tang is already no longer considered as a human.” “F**k, Gluttonous Monster, you are so sickening…” “That three celebrities of yours are the same too, they are nourished by that dragon aura of yours to the point that…” Wei Chang teased. Lie Gu spread out his hands, “What else can I do about the side effect. I will just take it as cultivating three subordinates who can both fight and warm bed. After all, His Honor is only just taking a vacation here in this world.” “That’s right, after His Honor is done with his vacation, the time of carnage should approach!” A thirst for blood was emitted out from both Wei Chang’s and Lie Gu’s eyes. The game has still yet to begin, we are only just warming up now!

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