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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 116 – The most childish threaten 1/2 The burly man looked at the tiny thing in front of him, and an evil smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. The man stretched out his filthy hand, wanting to touch onto Tang Wei’s cheek. I'm sure that it would feel very nice to touch this woman's tender white skin. The burly man’s three other friends revealed out a mocking smile. Something like taking liberties of women is often done by us, especially when it comes to such a pure looking beautiful woman like this. Just a while ago, I remember seeing two super beautiful women entering into the bar and walking upstairs, perhaps, we can try to take liberties of them too. However, they tried to take liberties of the wrong person this time. If it was placed in the past, Tang Wei would inevitably be taken liberties of by that study man. However, the Tang Wei right now was Wei Chang’s girlfriend, and her identity had raised up by a tremendous amount. Furthermore, because Wei Chang had helped to refine a primordial spirit into Tang Wei’s body, Tang Wei’s strength right now was strong enough to even exchange blows with Death Mage. Looking at the filthy big hand, Tang Wei subconsciously used her hand to block onto the incoming big hand, and furthermore, she did it while closing her eyes. The entire bar turned silent, if a fine needle was to drop onto the floor now, everyone would be able to hear it. While closing her eyes, Tang Wei did not felt anything disgusting touching onto her face. Carefully opening her eyes, she discovered that everyone was looking at her in complete astonishment. Immediately, Tang Wei was confused. The sturdy man that was in front of her just a while ago had disappeared. Tang Wei was very confused, did the man ran away? The sturdy man’s three other friends regained their consciousness and one of them shouted out, “Brothers, attack!” Tang Wei’s face revealed out panic as she took a step backward. However, the three other sturdy men had already approached near her. “Ah!!!” Tang Wei let out an ear-piercing scream, and all of the wine glasses shattered. The expressions of the three study men came to a froze, and blood began dripping out from their ears. Evidently, the three sturdy men were injured. However, they still continued and attacked towards the ‘weak’ Tang Wei. After screaming, while with her eyes closed, Tang Wei began throwing kicks and punches, seemingly just like a girl who had seen a ghost and was hitting onto the air. The entire bar became silent once again. After the moment of silence, some people began to talk in a low voice. “If I didn’t see wrongly, are that four study men Jiangnan’s four marshals?” “That seems to be the case. I heard that their strength is not bad, how did they get sent flying by a girl?” “This bar is indeed mysterious.” “Could it be that, this girl is the black gowned person who fought with Xiao Yi?” “Brother, don’t speak anymore, I’m feeling afraid…” Lie Gu sighed, “Gluttonous Monster, can you at the least teach your girlfriend some moves, isn’t it too humiliating like this?” “I feel that this fighting technique of Xiao Tang’s is pretty good.” Wei Chang laughed lightly, then walked forward unhurriedly. Coming to Tang Wei’s side, Wei Chang patted onto Tang Wei who was currently still in a panic. Unexpectedly, right after Tang Wei felt that someone patted onto her, she responded with a punch to the person who patted her. Wei Chang easily grabbed onto the incoming fist, “Xiao Tang, it’s me.” “Ah… Uncle Wei~” Tang Wei straightforwardly threw herself into Wei Chang’s embrace, evidently that she was feeling afraid to death. Jiangnan’s four marshals expressed that they were the ones that were feeling afraid to death right now, you this murderer… Wei Chang lightly stroked onto Tang Wei’s back, “Alright, alright, you don’t have to be afraid anymore.” “Uncle Wei, was I very violent just now?” The surrounding people all let out a gasp. Miss, can I ask you, if you are not counted as violent, then what is counted as violent? Look at those people, they are all hard stuck in the wall right now because of your attacks. Wei Chang consoled, “You are not violent in the least bit at all. Go and gather the waiters and security guards, the bar will be closed for business early today." “Oh… Alright.” After a short while, all of Leisure Bar’s security guards and waiters left the bar. Lie Gu leaned onto the bar counter and watched as Wei Chang perform. I will give the first round to him. Wei Chang looked at the 20+ people that were in the bar and questioned, “Are all of you here to cause trouble?” Everyone remained silent. Just a while ago, you grabbed onto that girl’s fist so easily, so right now, who would even dare to say that they are here to cause trouble? Looking at the 20+ people, all of them were sitting up straight right now. It was reckoned that, back when they were studying, they didn’t even sit up so straightly, so seriously, and also, so scaredly. After all, those people were all but a bunch of small fries, they were all merely sent here to probe out the bar. However, none of them would want to be stuck in the wall.

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