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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 116 – The most childish threaten 2/2 Lie Gu shook his head helplessly, what else is there even to f**king play, those bunch of adults are all acting like a bunch of small students right now. Lie Gu shouted out coldly, “Who sent you guys here? Let them come over to pick you guys up. If not, don’t even think about seeing tomorrow’s sun.” “What if it rained tomorrow?” Wei Chang turned his head around and asked. Lie Gu went into a daze, this is truly a question, “You say, what do we do then if it rained tomorrow?” “How about saying, 'don’t even think about seeing tomorrow’s sun and rain'? How’s that?” Wei Chang suggested. Lie Gu slightly wrinkled his brows, “Then, what if it is a cloudy day tomorrow?” Everyone, “……” “Don't wait till tomorrow then, it is too troublesome, how about we give them just an hour instead?” Wei Chang said. “That is a good idea.” The 20+ people were all completely dazed. Big brothers, what are you two doing? One of you said that you would be giving us till tomorrow, why are you suddenly changing your mind now, and why do you even bother caring about if tomorrow would rain or be cloudy? “We are from Cloud Sect!” “We are from Traceless Pavilion! I dare you to try and touch us!” “We are from Raising Thunder Sect! If you are smart, let us leave now!” “We are from Dry Zen Sect, we want to go back home now!” “We are from South Alliance! I forgot to turn off my house’s gas stove when I left my house, if my house caught fire, are you going to take responsibility for it!” The people from Cloud Sect really knew how to lead the tempo. In a moment, the atmosphere became ardent, and all of the 20+ people were currently acting like if Lie Gu and Wei Chang don’t let them off, they would die in front of them. Wei Chang took in a deep breath, “That person there, what is your house's address? I will help you call the firefighter, you don’t have to worry about your house.” “if you all want to go back home, your guardian has to come and pick you up. If your guardian doesn’t come to pick you up, you will die.” Wei Chang continued on and said. Lie Gu placed both his hands into his pants’ pockets and walked to the middle and said, “How about you all recognize me as your boss, I will teach you how to comb middle parting hair.” After finish speaking, Lie Gu fixed onto his hair. My hairstyle cannot become messy. The 20+ people were about to collapse. Just what kind of strange bar is this, the way that they talk is so childish, but on the other hand, the frightening aura that the two are releasing out is making those childish words of theirs to become so threatening. This is too scary!!! Lie Gu shouted out coldly, “What are you all still being in a daze for? Waiting for me to treat you all to a bowl of hot spicy soup? Start calling now!” Everyone did not dare to go against Lie Gu and immediately began to call for people to come and pick them up. You two will regret it later! In actuality, these five powers were all very formidable existences within the south. There was no need to speak too much about Cloud Sect, Cloud Sect belonged to the cultivation world, and their location was located at Long’an City’s perimeters. The members within South Alliance were all ability power users, this was a power that shouldn't be belittled. Traceless Pavilion was located in the southwest. This was a power that was known for cultivating poisonous gu insects. This was a power that even people within the social circle also wouldn’t dare to come too much into contact with, being afraid that they would get a gu insect planted into their body when they let their guard down. (蛊虫: gu insects - basically extremely poisonous insects) Raising Thunder Sect was an ancient martial sect, their techniques were mystical and formidable. Their sect master was someone who was able to fight against Xiao Yi. Of course, the precondition was that Xiao Yi doesn’t use his Xuan Yuan Sword. Dry Zen Sect belonged to the cultivation world too. Dry Zen Sect’s strength wasn’t anything much, however, the people from Dry Zen Sect were all experts in using medicines. Of course, these were just the sects, pavilion, and alliance. In the south, there were still formidable families whose strength could be compared to Xiao Family, take for example, Wang Dabao's family. Just that, Wang Dabao didn’t come today. As for why he didn’t come. Perhaps, he had heard wind of some information. Meanwhile, these five powers foolishly ran to the bar to try to probe out the bar, acting as others’ cannon fodders. The calls went through, but they still had to wait for those people to come to the bar. Lie Gu was feeling very bored right now, normally at this timing, I would be lying on the bed and enjoying the celebrities’ services. “Gluttonous Monster, want to play Fight the Landlord?” “We are lacking one player though.” Wei Chang said. Lie Gu looked at the 20+ people, “One of you come over and play Fight the Landlord with us, if you win, I will let you leave.” The 20+ people first went into a daze, then began to fight for the chance to come over and play Fight the Landlord. While fighting for the chance, the almost started to get physical with each other. Wei Chang and Lie Gu took a look at each other with a smile. Humans are indeed still the same as usual, they have not changed at all, for the sake of living, they can do anything.

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