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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 117 – New style of Fight the Landlord 1/2 After a moment of fighting over who gets to play, a person that belonged to Dry Zen Sect emerged as the victor. This person was comparably thin and feeble, however, to be able to emerge as the victor amongst the 20+ people, it could be seen that he was definitely formidable in some other aspects. Lie Gu arranged the seats, and Wei Chang took out the poker cards. Afterward, the three sat down on the seats. Wei Chang asked with a smile, “What’s your name?” “My name is Xiong Yong.” (The name Xiong Yong could be interpreted as Brave Bear. 熊: Xiong – Bear, 勇: Yong – Brave.) Lie Gu laughed, “This name of yours is not matching with your body build.” Xiong Yong rubbed onto his nose embarrassedly, “I was very robust in the past, but became thin after I started refining medicines.” …… Wei Chang began to shuffle the cards, while Lie Gu took out a comb and combed once on both right and left side of his hair, then took out a small mirror to take a look at his hairstyle. After feeling satisfied with his hairstyle, Lie Gu kept the comb and small mirror and said, “You know how to play Fight the Landlord right?” “Of course, of course, when I am bored, I would even play a few rounds with my brothers.” Xiong Yong laughed simple-mindedly. Wei Chang took out three bottles of beer, one bottle for each person. Xiong Yong was feeling very touched, I didn’t expect that they would be so nice, there is actually even beer to drink while playing the card game with them, and furthermore, the beer is Harbin Beer. After finish shuffling the cards, Wei Chang laughed, “If you win, we will let you off.” “Thanks a lot… thanks a lot…” Xiong Yong was exulted, I won’t ever come to this bar anymore in the future, this bar is basically a bandit den. “But, what if we win?” Lie Gu asked, then took off the beer cap and drank a small mouth of beer. Burp~ Xiong Yong was startled, not knowing how to answer to that question. Lie Gu patted onto Xiong Yong’s shoulder, “How about this, if we win, we will chop off one of your limbs, and if you win, we will let you off.” Xiong Yong’s expression changed greatly. When the 20+ other people heard what Lie Gu said, they couldn’t help but took a step backward, those two are too cruel! Do you two know that, if you two act like this, it is very easy for you two to offend people. Xiong Yong was starting to somewhat regret about coming out, however, the arrow was already pulled, and there was no choice but to shoot the arrow. Take a gamble, and a bicycle could become a motorcycle. “Then, you two cannot cheat.” Lie Gu spread out his hands, “Do we look like the kind of people that would cheat?’ Looking at that sincere look on Lie Gu’s and Wei Chang’s face, Xiong Yong believed them. The first round began, and Xiong Yong seemed to be very nervous, his hands that were holding onto the poker cards were currently trembling. Meanwhile, 20+ people who were watching the three play did not dare to let out a single sound, and the Jiangnan four marshals who were stuck in the wall straightforwardly pretended like they were dead, you all can’t see me… Xiong Yong picked up the card that was flipped. I am the landlord this round, however, I have to see if my cards are good or not! Wei Chang and Lie Gu looked at their own cards and wrinkled their brows, whereas when Xiong Yong saw his own cards, a smile appeared on his face. The king bomb and a bunch of other strong cards are in my hands, I will see just how you two are even going to win! Xiong Yan began his performance, throwing out cards after cards, while Lie Gu and Wei Chang kept on passing their own turn, seemingly like they had decided on letting Xiong Yong off. “Two.” Lie Gu finally threw out his first card. “King bomb, haha, I only have one more card left now. Big brothers, thank you for letting me win this round.” Xiong Yong finally let out a breath of relief, even the god also wants to let me off. Wei Chang shouted out gravely, “Wait!” Xiong Yong went into a daze, and the spectators also went into a daze, could it be that, they are intending on going back on their words? “Double red king bombs!” Wei Chang threw out a pair of red color twos. Asides from Lie Gu, everyone was stupefied, what kind of manipulation is this!!! Xiong Yong tightly held onto the two within his hand and squeezed out a smile, “Big brother, this isn’t good right?” Lie Gu drank a mouth of beer, “We asked you if you know how to play Fight the Landlord or not just now, and you said that you know how to play it. What’s the matter, you want to go back on the bet? Do you believe that I can kill you right away right now!” “Don’t, don’t, don’t, I understand, I understand.” Xiong Yong could only hope that Lie Gu and Wei Chang have individual cards within their hands. Wei Chang and Lie Gu were not fools, knowing that Xiong Yong has a two left in his hand, how would they even play an individual card? Without any suspense, Xiong Yong lost the first round.

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