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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 119 – I added my body odor 1/2 “Elder, save me… I want to go back home…” One of the two who was currently playing happy airplane chess crawled slowly towards his elder, leaving a long trace of bloodstain on the floor. However, before he was even able to crawl to the front of the elder, his breathing came to a stop. The other person was the same too. The five elders were feeling indignant within their hearts, how many years has it been! There was no one who would dare to kill their disciples in front of their faces! Even Xiao Yi would only dare to only give their disciples a lesson, and wouldn't dare to straightforwardly kill their disciples! Looking at the scene, there were three corpses, and not a single one of them was intact. From this, it could be seen how ruthless Wei Chang’s and Lie Gu’s methods were. Also, amongst the 20+ people, there were a few female disciples who were scared to the point that they went crazy. From this, it could be seen how frightening the spectacle just now must have been. Wei Chang and Lie Gu discussed with each other in a low voice. Lie Gu, “Should we kill them all to attract bigger fishes to come to the bar?” The Wei Chang right now had learned how to think over things and thoroughly understand His Honor's thoughts, “What His Honor want is not to kill them. If we killed them, what meaning would it even have?” “Is that so? In the past, don’t we always just wipe out all the enemies?” “How can the past be compared to the present? We are humans, it is wrong to kill people, killing people will cause us to get imprisoned!!!” Wei Chang shouted in a low voice. Lie Gu looked at the three corpses that were on the floor and silently nodded his head. I feel that what Gluttonous Monster just said makes a lot of sense. “Why did you two killed my disciple!” Dry Zen Sect’s elder You Yinguang shouted out. Lie Gu drank all of the remaining beer that was in his hand in one gulp, then stood out and said, “Burp… Why? Old fellow, your people came to our territory and behaved atrociously. It is already very nice of us that we only killed three people. What’s more, the three of them died because we were waiting for you all to come.” You Yinguang’s expression changed, “Waiting for us?” “Of course, if not, what did you expect?” Lie Gu took out his comb once again and combed onto both the left and right side of his hair. That strange smile was enough to make one’s heart feel cold, and that strange middle parting hairstyle was enough to make one tremble in fear. South Alliance’s Gao Shuang said gravely, “Just what are the two of you up to!” Wei Chang walked over unhurriedly, “Actually, we are also not up to anything, we just merely wanted to give everyone a warning. This is a leisure bar, not a club!" Traceless Pavilion’s elder Tu Rong asked faintly, “We have received your warning, so, we can leave now right?” “Leaving just like this, this isn’t good right?” Lie Gu smiled. Raising Thunder Sect’s elder Wen Rui shouted out coldly, “What do you want then? Don’t think that we are afraid of you!” Lie Gu spread out both his hands and said unhurriedly, “We will give you a chance to take revenge.” Everyone was immediately startled, just what are these two people planning to do! Are they lunatics! Or could it be that they are just that confident about their own strength! Wei Chang smiled slightly, “The visitors are guests, bring forth your capabilities and have a go with the two of us. Between the two of us, you all can choose whoever that you want. No matter the result, you all can bring your people and leave afterward.” The disciples that had been in the bar since the beginning were greatly startled. Elders! Please don’t ever agree to their request! These two are simply shameless! They are simply shameless to the point that they have no bottom line at all! However, if they wanted to leave, they still had to rely on their elders, thus, all the disciples remained silent and did not speak. “I will go first!” Dry Zen Sect’s elder, You Yinguang, stepped out. The other four elders let out a breath. Although You Yinguang’s strength is not that great, he is indeed an expert in using medicines, and furthermore, he is greatly skilled in using poison. Seems like these two people have been careless. Just nice, with You Yinguang stepping out, we can see just how strong these two really are! With a smile on their faces, Lie Gu and Wei Chang for You Yinguang to take his pick. “You!” You Yinguang pointed to Lie Gu and shouted out. Lie Gu patted onto Wei Chang, “Gluttonous Monster, I will go first then~” Wei Chang shook his head helplessly.

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