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You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman: Chapter 119 – I added my body odor 2/2 “Old fellow, how do you want to go at this, you draw the theme!” Lie Gu asked indifferently while fixing onto his hair. With a grim expression, You Yinguang said, “My sect, Dry Zen Sect specializes in refining medicines and concocting pills! I have a rather small accomplishment within the aspects of refining medicines and concocting pills. Today, I will compete with you on the effects of medicines!" “This is a bit interesting, sure thing!” Lie Gu’s interest was greatly piqued, this game seems more fun than Fight the Landlord. You Yinguang said gravely, “I will take out a poison pill, and you will have to swallow the pill that I take out. After you swallowed the pill, you will only have an hour to concoct an antidote, if not, your entire body will start rotting and you will die!” Lie Gu understood, “From what you said, I can give you a poison pill too?” “That’s right.” You Yinguang said indifferently, appearing very confident. A little brat also dares to compete against me in medicinal knowledge, he truly does not know the immensity of heaven and earth. Meanwhile, that security guard that is behind this little brat seems much calmer and more collected. This was also the reason why You Yinguang chose Lie Gu instead of Wei Chang, little children always seem to be much easier to deceive. You Yinguang could be seen taking out an exquisite small box from his sleeve. With a proud look on his face, You Yinguang said, “This pill is known as Six Scattered Yin Soul Pill, it is colorless and tasty. When one took in the pill, they would still be safe and sound for an hour. However, after an hour passed, their seven apertures would start bleeding, and afterward, their body would begin to start rotting. Soon after all that, their soul will scatter.” Everyone gasped, cultivators pay particular attention to souls. If one does not have a soul anymore, it would mean that their next life would cease to exist too. This pill is too malicious! “This pill was concocted by me after using a total of 49 days. The medical ingredients that were used to concoct this pill took me an entire year to find. To speak the truth, even I myself also do not know how to concoct the antidote for this pill.” You Yinguang added. The brows of the four other elders wrinkled. What does this You Yinguang mean by that? Does he not want to kill that young fellow? You Yinguang of course wanted to kill Lie Gu. However, as an alchemist, he much more wanted to see others tremble before the pills that he concocted. For him, this kind of satisfaction was even more satisfying compared to killing people. Lie Gu laughed, then stretched his hand into the inside of his shirt. It seems like he was trying to scratch onto something. Everyone was a bit dazed upon seeing Lie Gu’s action. After scratching for about a minute, Lie Gu took out a black color pill. After coughing lightly, Lie Gu said, “This pill is concocted by me. Although the time it took to concoct this pill wasn’t long, the effect of this pill is still pretty good. I even thought of a name for this pill, I Want It Everyday Pill. The medicinal ingredients that were used to concoct this pill are very rare. This pill will take effect after a minute that the person had swallowed it. If the person is not able to dissolve the medicinal effect after an hour, the person will die from their body exploding.” You Yinguang laughed in disdain. This brat is merely exaggerating. There is not a pill that I cannot dissect in this world. However, looking at the black color pill within this brat’s hand, why do I feel that the pill seems so disgusting? How could the pill not be disgusting? This black pill was formed with great difficulty by Lie Gu. Lie Gu scratched onto his own armpit for an entire minute to form this black pill. This black pill of mine is very effective, if you don’t believe it, you can try it, I guarantee that you will be able to see its effect working right after a minute. The two people could be seen exchanging their pills. Lie Gu opened the small box, and within the box, there was a gold color pill. The gold color pill seemed very appetizing. Without thinking, Lie Gu threw the pill into his mouth and chewed on to the pill for a bit. This pill taste quite decent. “Hehe, do you taste a peppermint flavor when you chewed onto the pill? I added a bit of peppermint flavor to the pill.” You Yinguang laughed lightly and said. Soon after, he took in Lie Gu’s pill and attentively savored the pill. However, why is there a disgusting taste? What kind of medicinal ingredients would give off such a taste? Lie Gu smiled, “Do you taste an unpleasant taste? That is the taste of my body odor.” Everyone, “……” “You!!!” You Yinguang stretched out his slender finger and pointed at Lie Gu. You YInguang was feeling a bit nauseous right now. Lie Gu opened a bottle of beer and waited nonchalantly. “Are you not planning on trying to save yourself?” You Yinguang drank a mouth of water and sneered. “No rush, I want to see just how you are going to save yourself.” You Yinguang snorted coldly. Immediately after snorting, You Yinguang felt a quantity of heat coming from his dantian. So this pill is a yang strengthening pill, this is nothing at all!


From 19 Sept, 2-3 chapters a week.

Translator: Wigglegui



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